Utilizing a video landing page could be the key to increasing traffic, generating leads, and engaging more potential buyers. This guide looks at how to do it effectively for maximum results.

The Best Video Landing Page Guide In 2023

Online videos are an extraordinary and compelling way to grab people's attention and quickly share valuable and entertaining content.

However, videos provide more than just amusement - they also give conversion power. This is especially true for the video landing page.

Of course, you can't just add a video and expect your conversion rate to skyrocket magically. Numerous factors can make the difference between minor conversion increases and game-changing shifts.

What is a Video Landing Page?

A video landing page is a landing page with a video that illustrates the product's or service's value to attract visitors' attention and convert them.

Video landing pages can have a video as the page's centerpiece. Still, it can also function well alongside text and images to help further convince visitors of the value of your offer. Regardless of how you use video on the landing page, it is an excellent method to set your company apart from the competition and truly wow your audience.

Benefits of landing pages with videos 

Technically speaking, video landing pages fulfill the same task as their text- and image-based counterparts. However, in terms of business and marketing, there is a big difference.

Here are a few of the numerous advantages of incorporating a video landing page on your website.

Improve Conversion Rate

Video content generates leads and conversions by capturing attention and establishing an emotional connection with viewers. Instead of scrolling through a chunk of text, your audience can grasp your offer at a glance. Any questions they may have can be quickly addressed, instilling early confidence and increasing the possibility of a conversion.

In fact, using a video on landing page may be the most effective way to boost your conversion rate. Take a streaming service, Globoplay, that worked with Blings to incorporate landing page videos into their marketing. Personalized, dynamic videos provided viewers with unique content and compelling CTAs, resulting in a 175% rise in conversion rates!

Capture Visitors' Attention

One of the most challenging tasks in raising conversion rates is actively engaging your prospects. Luckily, the video landing page excels in this area. When executed correctly, a video's "hook" piques people's interest and motivates them to watch more and discover how the story will unfold. Once you have prospects' attention, converting them is much easier.

Video satisfies our tendency to multitask online and our shorter digital attention spans. If your pages consist of only written content, the only thing visitors can do is read. However, while watching a video, you can engage them with interactive video elements and motivate them to deepen their interest in your offer. All of this makes videos far superior to text in terms of capturing attention.

Build Brand Association

A video landing page is an excellent way to communicate your brand's essential features. Video is far more effective than copy in conveying brand personality. Infusing your business's personality into landing page videos can enhance brand recognition, increasing the likelihood that viewers will convert later.

Also, as humans, we respond strongly to emotional cues. So, by combining your brand values with the video storyline that evokes desirable emotions in your audience, you will be on the path to success. If your video landing page achieves this, it creates a powerful brand association that will remain in the minds of your prospects.

Ideal Explanation Tool

Buyers will click away and find another solution if it takes too much effort to access the information they seek. The video landing page is a great tool to ensure this scenario never happens on your pages. It offers a quick solution to explain things in a detailed manner. With the video landing page, you can present information clearly, briefly, and in an exciting way.

A landing page video is the only media that combines showing and telling in a single format. It enables in-depth descriptions that are much more detailed than a few remarks on photographs. A video landing page can also show the product's appearance from numerous angles rather than a static image from one viewpoint.

How can you use a landing page video?

You may use video on landing pages in a few different ways, including:

  • Hero Video Landing Page - Replaces landing page's typical hero image. It is placed front and center, above the fold, and immediately draws viewers' attention. This layout is popular for videos with a goal to pique the visitors' interest as soon as they open the page.
  • Supporting Video Landing Page - A supporting asset located lower on the page, below the fold. This kind of landing page video is excellent for providing customers with additional details about your offer.
  • Background Video Landing Page - Acts as a background animation to draw attention to the headline, a button, or a form. It's an excellent method to get people's attention since it makes them feel like they're within the experience.
  • Pop-up Video Landing Page - Displays when visitors click the play button or first land on the page. It's excellent for keeping your page clutter-free and letting visitors choose how they want to engage with your website content.

How to create an effective video landing page?

Video landing pages can provide multiple benefits to your business. But how do you build an effective one?

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to build a video landing page that brings results.

Determine Goals and CTA

To begin, you must establish a clear goal for your video landing page. Determine the page's purpose and what you hope to achieve. Do you sell a physical product? Provide consulting or food delivery services?

Whatever your business does, by establishing goals in advance, you can focus on developing a page that is relevant to your target audience.

You should also think about your call to action (CTA). It is typically a button that prompts the visitor to fill out a form. You can have your CTA visible throughout the video, only at the end, or at specific points.

Video marketing platforms like Blings allow you to easily add an interactive CTA directly to your video to drive engagement and conversions instantly.

Choose the Type of Video

Your business and objectives should determine the type of video landing page you select. A landing page for a food delivery company will look quite different than one for a SaaS firm. Consider how your video aligns with your offer, and choose the best solution to demonstrate your key selling points.

  • Product Demo Video Landing Page - A demo video landing page is a fantastic approach to simplify the purchasing process. It highlights the value of your product by demonstrating how it works in real life.
  • Testimonial Video Landing Page - Social proof is an excellent strategy for establishing trust with prospects. Use testimonial videos on the landing page to demonstrate customer success and instill confidence in your brand.
  • Explainer Video Landing Page - Explainer videos provide visitors with concise information they need to know about your service or product. They concentrate on a specific issue and how your company addresses it in a unique and helpful way.
  • Promo Video Landing Page - Use the promo video landing page to entice visitors to learn more about your offer. Also known as hype videos, they are like teasers that give a taste of what prospects get when they buy your product or service.  

Consider Video Placement

When it comes to video placement, above-the-fold hero videos are the most popular. It's the model where video replaces a classic header image. And, while it works perfectly in many cases - there are more options.

You can also add your video as a supporting element further down the page. This strategy is highly effective if you have a video that gives more details about the selling point that is in the lower sections of your landing page copy.

Create Video Content

Nothing is more crucial to your video landing page's success than the content. While several elements play a part, the one thing that truly differentiates your company from competitors is the video content you create.

Your content has to match your goals and CTA perfectly. It should have a compelling storyline and a range of possible variations. You may also want to do A/B tests to determine the option that brings the best results.

Most importantly, make sure that your video is valuable to the viewer. The most fantastic way to accomplish this is to personalize your videos. This means that while you create content, you should think of who might be watching it and adjust your storyline to wow them. With Blings, you can create highly-personalized videos that are unique for each viewer and based on real-time data for the most relevant content.

Each video landing page should include the following elements:

Hook - People's short attention spans and resistance to sales messaging cause them to become easily bored (or furious) when interacting with online material. Therefore, your video's initial three seconds are vital to its success. 

Grab the audience's attention by immediately addressing a specific issue, outlining the first step in a tutorial or guide, or discussing anything you believe they'll be interested in.

Core Content - Once you have users' attention, it's crucial to keep them engaged. To keep things dynamic, use the proper transitions, and present your main point clearly and concisely.

Consider including captions or text on-screen in your videos. These are excellent features for the segment of your audience that watches without sound. Also, text can help you stress the most critical aspects.

CTA - In the first step of the video development process, you choose a purpose for your video landing page and what you want viewers to do after seeing it. Now it's time to ensure you achieve that aim with a clear CTA.

To achieve the best results, highlight the place in your video where the viewer must look to do the desired action (i.e. use an animated arrow or a character that points in the direction of a button). Bonus tip: use verbs for your CTA such as "sign up", "grab", "try", "book", etc. These words encourage immediate action.

Video landing page best practices

If you want to create an effective video landing page, consider utilizing some of these best practices.

Create Personalized Videos

Who is your target audience? Would they prefer an illustrated explanation or watch the actual employee discuss it?

By tailoring your content to a specific visitor, you are addressing the questions and needs of one particular consumer. The video on the landing page, like a real-life salesperson, should be pleasant and personable. It has to create a strong connection with your prospect.

Blings allow you to create personalized, interactive landing page video in which visitors can interact with different sections of the video to learn more about specific features.

Blings enable you to produce personalized, interactive videos where users can engage with different elements of the video to better understand specific features of your product. This allows your brand to speak directly with your target audience and build authentic connections that increase trust.

Keep Videos Short

Visitors want quick answers. Try to express the benefits of your offer in 30-90 seconds. It gives you just enough time to convey the importance of conversion effectively and efficiently. Also, make sure to be very specific about the one action you want the visitor to take.

Since most people choose to give up when presented with too many options, more clarity in video helps ensure higher conversion rates. Therefore, remember to keep your video short and to the point.

Smartly Design Page

The design of the video landing page can have a significant impact on engagement and conversions. Create an eye-catching design that revolves around the experience. Remove sidebars, headers, and other elements that could distract visitors from performing the desired action.

Keep in mind that the sole goal of your landing page is to persuade visitors to do a particular action, such as signing up or buying. By simplifying the page, you'll be able to direct the audience's focus to the video, which content is created to make that action happen.

Avoid Autoplay

In general, it's best to stay away from autoplay. Simply put, nobody wants to do anything they didn't agree to.

However, consider using quiet video as your background if you really want to use auto-play. Your users will have a less intrusive experience while getting the benefits of autoplay.

If you're unsure whether to use autoplay - test it. Then, go with what your audience responds the best with.

Produce Quality Video

You have a brief window of time to grab your visitors' attention. Your product will only appear to be of good quality if your video looks great.

Use a platform that lets you develop a high-quality video for the landing page. Blings allows you to create dynamic, data-driven videos with interactive call-to-actions.

Blings' MP5 videos are perfect for landing pages, allowing users to experience unique journeys as interactive video elements modify content to change the flow of the video. This way, you're building stronger customer connections and maximizing conversion possibilities.

Provide Valuable Information

People listen when you share valuable and entertaining content. The easiest way to achieve that is to understand your customer's issue and explain how you would resolve it. Always offer clarity, and maintain a genuine approach.

Remember to be authentic - the viewers must believe what you are saying. Write the script as if you were speaking with a customer in person. Include relevant information for your audience and make it clear what benefits your product or service brings them.

Optimize for SEO

Although search engines can't watch your video, you should give them text-based information that describes the video's subject matter.

The following are some basic video optimization steps:

  • Create helpful video content: Google ranks content based on its usefulness, so develop a video landing page that provides valuable information in addition to selling.
  • Incorporate interactive elements: Add interactive video elements to prompt users to stay longer on your page and take action.
  • Add video metadata: Metadata is a textual description of a video that helps search engines understand it.
  • Use captions: Captions provide search engines with additional information about the content of the video on the landing page.
  • Test and analyze: Constantly monitor your videos' performance and look for methods to improve them.

Bonus tip: Keep an eye on the overall page speed. Create backlinks and build a proper sitemap to help search engines recognize and index your video.

Video landing page: Make the most of it

You made it through our video landing page guide! You now have everything you need to reach your goals and increase conversions with stunning video landing pages.

After all, the goal of including a video on the landing page is to boost the page's conversion rate. In that sense, remember that your landing page video does not exist on its own. It must be consistent with your brand and work well with the other elements on the page.

However, we understand that video production can be challenging - particularly if you're just starting out. That's why Blings offers features that help you create videos that fit your brand and contribute to establishing a high-performing landing page. Contact us to get started today!