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Globoplay Increases
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Globoplay is a Brazilian subscription video-on-demand streaming service with over 20 million registered users making it the most used national streaming service in Brazil.

With some of the most popular exclusive and licensed content available, Globoplay still strives to reach higher levels of customer engagement to increase platform usage and loyalty.

By adding Blings MP5 video to their annual and monthly usage statements, Globo achieved extremely high video viewer and completion rates which directly impacted their top line engagement numbers.


Globoplay found Blings and saw that their platform could benefit from the dynamic and personalized MP5 video technology Blings offers. Blings worked with Globo’s innovation and marketing team to create a campaign that included personalized yearly and then monthly summary videos for each individual Globo subscriber. Each user would receive a QR code that took them to a landing page, displaying an end-of-year summary of the content they had watched that year. A button at the end of the video included one of two options: one for those already registered to return to the platform to watch more recommended content, and the other to sign up for those customers who had been watching free content but had not yet registered for the paid streaming program.

Although the framework of the video was created by Blings, the flexibility and usability of the Blings MP5 platform enabled them to create multiple versions of the video through a single template with unlimited scale. After seeing the success of the annual “Retrospectiva” wrap-up campaign, Globo decided to create a monthly version and adopt the Blings technology to create the videos themselves. The campaign was sent out via email and push notification and included the following dynamic parameters:

  • User's name
  • Subscription term
  • Most watched content
  • Favorite genre
  • Recommended content
  • Total hours on GloboPlay app
  • Dynamic buttons based on subscription type


Globo’s yearly campaign had the following results:


Video completion rate


Click through rate

Globo’s monthly campaign had the following results:


Video completion rate


Click through rate


push notifications increase open rates by

The increased engagement rate the monthly campaign produced can be attributed to the enriched dynamic content that was included. Additionally, the dispatch of the video through email and push notification resulted in increased views, proving to be a much more effective way to yield user engagement.


Globoplay intends to continue collaborating with Blings, releasing additional campaign videos to their users.

Adding Blings to Globoplay’s playbook has helped them create a meaningful connection with their subscribers. And by ensuring that the internal Globo team can work with the platform independently, they now have the opportunity to use the power of the Blings for many additional use cases.