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Engage Your Audience with Videos That Convert

Blings AI-driven MP5 video technology helps businesses captivate and engage audiences through video that is personalized, interactive, and connected to real-time data

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El al
WPP BAV Scores a Goal with World Cup-Themed Video Campaign
El al
WPP BAV Scores a Goal with World Cup-Themed Video Campaign

Combining the flexibility of the web with
the storytelling of video


Create a video that's tailored to each person, featuring their individual data and catering to their individual preferences.


Turn video from passive to active to grab your audience's attention and drive engagement. Track clicks to prove video's impact.


Videos display different messages to different groups based on how they behave or what group they belong to in real - time.

Create millions of personalized video journeys. One for each customer.

Increase Conversions

Growth teams! Don't miss an opportunity to convince and convert. Personalized, interactive video improves the conversion performance of every customer interaction and business process!

Increase conversion rates by up to 4X

Improve Retention

From retention to customer loyalty, creating video that integrates your customer data will improve messaging and increase customer engagement and attention.

Increase retention rates by up to 3.7X

Boost Engagement

Interactive video is the most effective way to gain user engagement! Add buttons, forms, quizzes, and more within the context of the video and ensure you capture their attention.

Increase engagement rates by up to 2.5X

Turn Every Use Case and Digital Process into an MP5 Video


Food & Beverage


Retail & Loyalty


Travel & Hospitality


Online Sports Betting

Harness the Power of your Data

Video Becomes Part of Critical Business Flows

Trigger videos automatically with seamless integration to all business platforms. Simple data connectors make integration easy without IT help.

Make the Most of Your Video Investment

Utilizing the content you already have can be the fastest and most effective way to increase conversion rates. Add personalization and interactivity to transform the videos you already have.

Seamlessly Distribute via First Party Channels

Email. SMS. WhatsApp. Push. In-app. Web-native. Made possible by our super lightweight file size. Loading time and distribution is a breeze.

Optimize Evergreen Video for Immediate ROI

Blings open video format lets marketing teams experiment and optimize their content keeping videos relevant and always up-to-date. Extend the shelf-life of videos by updating media assets and reusing scenes to speed time-to-market and increase ROI.

Secure and Safe for Enterprise Scale

Blings MP5 videos render on the edge device in real-time, saving money on hosting fees and always delivering the up-to-date content with immediate loading and no buffering. Blings doesn't access your user data, guaranteeing full data privacy of your stakeholders, and GDPR compliance.