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Blings Next Generation Video Platform is purpose-built for creative studios, motion graphic designers, digital agencies and all video creators.

Expand your video offering, develop a new revenue stream and open yourself to new markets with Blings MP5.


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-Awesome by Deloitte


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-Pil Animation


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-Halo Lor


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-Igloo Creative

Blings Video Creators Are…

  • Agencies or freelancers that designs motion graphics for clients
  • Designers working in After Effects
  • Those looking to differentiate themselves and their offering to grow their business

Join These Design Agencies
Creating MP5 Videos
for their Customers

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Laserbee - Blings design partner
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BuzzFlick Blings design partner
Havas Blink Agency

Why Become a Blings Design Partner?

  • Become a leader by being the first one to use your creative skills to create awesome, personalized and dynamic videos.
  • Differentiate yourselves by offering a unique and exclusive hyper-personalized product offering
  • Get exposure to companies looking for Blings videos


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Ever looked at your fellow web designer and thought how cool it would be if the same level of creativity, personalization and interactivity could be available in video as well?

Blings MP5 video format translates video into code, letting you create dynamic and interactive videos that run natively on any browser.

Blings MP5 is an open video file that gives you access to enhance each layer of video including the background, text, fonts, animations and business logic to add personalization, interactive buttons, input forms and more.

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And this
is why

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Beauty and scale

with the advantages of vector and the crisp beauty of live footage
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Easily Accessible

for designers to use with no strings attached
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Limitless creativity

with user driven interactivity within your story telling
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No Limits

to the number of layers, usage of affects or versions
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Rich Community

of like minded designers connecting and collaborating around MP5
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Blings MP5 video creation
is done via an extension
to Adobe After Effect

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The Blings video extension enables a seamless workflow between Adobe After Effects and the Blings MP5 video format to create professional videos, integrating into a designer’s existing workflow.