Newsletter video can be the newest and best addition to your email marketing. It helps you stand out in subscribers' inboxes and convey your message in an engaging and profitable manner.

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If you run a company, you know the value of email marketing, particularly newsletters. They are powerful tools for engaging and nurturing your leads.

But the average person gets over 100 emails daily (without spam!).

How can you ensure that your audience sees and interacts with your messages in such packed inboxes?

Of course, by making them stand out!

People are tired of plain text-based communication and generic phrases. They crave dynamic and personalized content that speaks directly to them.

So, it's a perfect time to upgrade your emailing with personalized newsletter videos.

Let's see what a newsletter video is and how you can utilize it to better your emailing.

What is a newsletter video?

The definition of a newsletter video is simple: it's a newsletter that includes a video. Producing newsletter videos can transform basic textual messages into eye-catching templates that feature personalized, engaging content.

Videos in newsletters add personality to your communications and increase interest in your announcements. They are a fantastic method to convey your company's voice in a human manner that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

What are the benefits of video newsletters?

Did you know that video can lower the unsubscribe rate by 26% while increasing open rates by 19% and click rates by 65%?

That's a helpful advantage for crowded inboxes.

Here are some more benefits of newsletter videos

Newsletter videos deliver results

The statistics above show that videos in newsletters deliver tangible results. More email openings and clicks translate to more website visitors and, ultimately, to better outcomes for your business.

In all honesty, watching videos is more enjoyable than reading blocks of text. Additionally, videos in your content boost message retention by 95% and help your customers better remember details about your brand and offer.

The reason is straightforward: videos provide engaging experiences that encourage subscribers to interact with you and become loyal customers.

People love videos

The fact that YouTube is the second most popular website (just behind Google) tells us a lot about how much people love watching videos. From entertainment to education, we can't get enough dynamic content and great stories. 

One more reason for your company to start using videos in newsletters.

It's an innovative way to cut through the noise and attract subscribers' attention. (Email subject lines with the word video generate 6% higher open rates!) Newsletter video allows you to produce a powerful message that your audience can relate to, instilling trust and a positive attitude towards your brand.

Personalized approach

A personalized newsletter video is an excellent way to make your subscribers feel like you're speaking directly to them. If consistently done well, your recipients will feel cared for and develop trust in your brand's communications.

By addressing your customers' unique needs and challenges, personalized newsletter videos can help you increase engagement. 

Blings allows you to take personalization a step further. The platform enables the development of videos that are not only personalized but interactive and dynamic as well. You can utilize top-notch technology to create interactive buttons within the video for a compelling call to action. Also, by employing real-time data, you guarantee that each subscriber receives a unique video, increasing the likelihood that they will interact with your business.

How to create a personalized newsletter video?

If we were to single out just one thing to remember about newsletter videos, it would be that they need to be engaging.

After all, your primary goal is to get your audience to interact with your content. 

While a newsletter video is a great engagement tool in and of itself, personalization makes it even more fascinating and, therefore, effective.

Here are some key strategies you may use to create engaging newsletter videos.

Focus on one topic

Make sure that each of your newsletter videos focuses on just one topic. Knowing your subscribers will help you understand who will watch your videos. That's why it's crucial to carefully analyze and utilize personal data you have about your customers.

Try to understand where they work and what their interests and worries are. Then, create a compelling tale about topics that are important and useful to them. But remember to stick to just one subject per video, ensuring your message will be straightforward and CTAs effective.

Make it simple and catchy

Video newsletters allow you to express your message in a simple manner. So, keep it uncomplicated by sticking to one topic and making it incredibly easy to understand your key point.

Engaging newsletters are also catchy. Because it's no secret that our patience and focus are dwindling as we are constantly bombarded with information. A short, actionable, personalized newsletter video is the best way to engage overwhelmed users. 

You can create catchy videos by utilizing customer data. With Blings, you can incorporate the recipient's name, job title or any other relevant data within the video, increasing their interest in the content.

Bonus tip: ensure the design you use is professional and clean. It's always better to go for a simple yet understandable and catchy video than to confuse viewers with over-the-top features that don't have a purpose in the video. 

Use interactive and dynamic elements

Using interactive and dynamic elements in your video newsletters is another excellent way to increase engagement and personalize your messaging. By providing a dynamic experience rather than static text, you increase your chances of standing out and attracting users' attention.

Users are delighted by a new, more enjoyable way of consuming information when watching an interactive video. This encourages them to watch it entirely and take further action. 

This increase in engagement is evident in Blings use case in which we leveraged our technology to accelerate and simplify the outreach process for sales development representatives (SDRs). The solution allowed SDRs to catch the attention of their prospects through the outreach email with interactive, personalized video elements. This way, we managed to grab users' attention and achieve a fantastic 63.4% open rate and 19.5% click rate!

Types of video newsletters you can create 

Company update newsletter video

The company update newsletter video updates your audience on current and upcoming business-related news and activities.

This type of newsletter video can be about the most recent job postings, new awards, and achievements regarding your team or brand. You can also utilize these newsletter videos to thank your customers for their trust or to share exciting new projects or products.

When designing a company update newsletter video, reserve the first part of your video (and newsletter!) for the most valuable information you want to tell your audience about. This improves viewer engagement because you quickly introduce them to something relevant and helpful. It also ensures that they will watch the entire video.

Testimonial newsletter video

Including videos from satisfied customers in your newsletters is a great way to drive engagement and promote your brand.

Here, it's crucial to remember to segment your list and send testimonial newsletter videos only to your leads since your customers may find it unnecessary. 

When talking about video placement, consider placing it at the end of your newsletter. 

Although it may seem odd, how your newsletter video ends is just as crucial as how it begins. By including a video testimonial at the end of your email, you can complete your storyline in a manner that motivates viewers to take action and become your customers.

Of course, you can always test this tactic by emailing one segment with a video in the first half of the newsletter and the other with the video in the latter half. Then, you can compare the results and choose the version your audience likes the best. 

Create engaging newsletters with videos

You may think, "This sounds great, but where do I start?".

At the very beginning - by finding the perfect platform for video development.

Blings provides video software that helps you create cutting-edge, compelling videos for newsletters. The platform allows you to produce interactive, dynamic solutions that capture your audience's attention and deliver tangible results our use cases speak about. 

So, it's time to start impressing your subscribers! Get started using newsletter videos by signing up with Blings today.