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Blings enables companies to create personalized, dynamic, and interactive videos and distribute them everywhere, at scale.

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Blings is building the future of video technology that enables companies to create personalized, dynamic, and interactive videos and distribute them everywhere, at scale. Blings built MP5 technology based on edge computing to supersede the MP4. Its internal and external benefits are a fundamental game-changer.

SDR Scope and Current Problem

This case study discusses how Blings uses its own MP5 video technology to simplify and improve the outreach process for sales development representatives (SDR). The internal use of the Blings product goes to show its strength and productivity. Using its own technology, Blings has seen incredible results from its campaigns. Being not only the creators but users as well validates how useful the product really is.

An outbound SDR initiates relationships with prospective customers by reaching out to initiate the first touch with a prospect. Sending outbound emails is a tedious task as conversion rates are typically low and challenging to reach the desired audience. Getting people engaged with something unfamiliar to them has become increasingly difficult. In order to break through this barrier, companies need to send distinctive and unique content to make themselves impressionable and memorable.


Blings is using its own personalized video technology to cut through the email messaging noise that so many companies are facing. MP5 offers an efficient way for companies to set themselves apart from their competitors using interactive and engaging video. Through the use of Blings video, SDRs can catch the attention of their prospects through the initial outreach email.

The idea behind the SDR video was to reach out to prospects with a personalized video that addressed the specific pain points Blings can solve while using the exact technology that can solve those issues. Blings used existing information from its database to automatically personalize each video to address each company’s personal use case including the recipient’s name, industry, company logo, and company website.

The first step to creating an MP5 video was writing a script that took into account the data available from the customer database and other data sources. Next, animators design a storyboard to break down the story, determine how and where to include the data and start creating the animation. The animation is then linked to the marketing database, in this case HubSpot. With the integration and automation, all an SDR needs to do is trigger the outreach and each customer will receive an email or text message with including personalized video created just for them.



Open Rate


Click Rate


The first campaign using the SDR personalized video was in preparation for an industry conference Blings was attending. In an attempt to reach out and schedule meetings before the event, Blings sent each their own unique video. The subject of these emails; “Personalized Video just for you,” resulted in higher than average open rates.

Out of those who opened the video, 87% displayed real engagement and increased time viewing the email.


Blings SDR Platform

A major benefit to using Blings is its integration with business logic which can trigger a new video creation with every addition to the database. This allows marketers to feel confident that their back-end systems are running for them and don’t need manual attention.

When it comes to evaluating recipient engagement, Blings analytics dashboard helps identify the video performance and interaction levels. This dashboard provides graphs and analytics data about each scene.

Because this video is an MP5 file, marketers can go into the videos themselves and edit anything of their choice without going back to the design team.  For example, a marketer can run A/B testing on any part of the video such as button types, different CTAs, different backgrounds, colors, and voiceovers in order to get the most productive video. The beauty here is that they don’t have to go to the designer to make those changes. This eliminates the back and forth loop typically held with the designers. Removing this inconvenience and expense gives marketers more freedom to productively allocate their resources.

Company Recognition

Blings has found that due to their personalized videos, people quickly recall the Blings name and what they’ve watched. Although hard to measure, this sort of recognition is extremely beneficial to Blings as prospective customers are able to differentiate them from other companies and see the value they uniquely offer.

Future plans

Blings plans to add more interactivity to their videos. One example of this would be inputting a form so that during the demo users can experience the Blings technology and see for themselves the real-time creation of the video solely based on the data they input. Adding this hands-on engagement will demonstrate the wide set of use cases possible by using MP5.

Additionally, Blings plans to create a video template library so that other companies can use it as the basis of their campaigns.


This one brief example of how Blings utilized their own technology demonstrates the MP5 video internal efficiency and its durable results. There is an unlimited amount of uses for Blings as the unique personalization appeals to a variety of industries and designers.