Building real trust with your customers has never been more important. Today, customers have a significant expectation of empathy and personal experiences from the brands they choose. Building customer trust can be a significant challenge but one that brings great rewards.

With the right tools, you can gain customer trust and grow your business, and personalized video is one of the most effective tools available today.

The Power of Video and How It Builds Trust

How brands communicate with customers has a tremendous impact on how their customers see them. This applies in all areas of their relationship, but even more so in terms of trust. Trust requires a real personal connection to be made, and this isn’t always possible using static elements like text and images alone.

Instead, video provides a powerful tool for establishing an emotional connection with customers. One of the most fundamental reasons that it does this is that it is so much more engaging. The video draws people in and really establishes an active engagement, rather than passive scanning encouraged by text alone.

The engaging video makes it seem much more like the message is really coming from another person rather than from a website or platform. The combination of both audio and visual elements, along with being able to establish the pace of communication, lets brands ensure that their message comes across as intended. When building trust, maintaining this clear emotional connection is critical.

Why Customer Trust Is So Critical and How Video Helps Build It

Today, the customer journey is a much more personal and emotional experience than it once was. In the past, consumers would simply choose products off store shelves based on the information presented then and there, but it’s not that simple anymore. Instead, brands need to build a real relationship to gain and retain customers.

To build customer loyalty, a brand needs to present its story. Customers need to understand what a company is about and what its values are. Simple assertions of commitments listed on the packaging aren’t enough. Instead, brands need to really show their customers that they are committed to quality, dependability, sustainability, or the other critical values that make up their mission statement.

A branded video experience puts the ability to do this within a brand’s reach.

Types of Videos That Can Help Foster Trust With Your Customers

Video provides a wide range of opportunities to help foster trust with your customers. You can implement video through websites, platforms, applications, and social media to account for every part of the customer journey. 

Here are a few of the different types of videos that your brand can create.

  • Social Media Updates - Depending on the nature of your brand, you could post regular updates through social media. This is a great way to reach consumers, especially if you have a younger target demographic. Posting videos from your facilities highlights the “behind the scenes” can help create familiarity and trust with your customers.
  • Customer Testimonials - Testimonials from happy customers are another fantastic way to build trust. Being able to hear a positive example of how your brand has already helped someone else can make your potential customers much more confident in what you have to offer.
  • Tutorial or Demo Videos - Marketing isn’t the only area videos are useful. Consider creating tutorial or demo videos when you need to provide customer resources for your products or services. This maintains a great connection with existing customers, building a long-lasting relationship of trust.

Businesses Are Already Using Personalized Video to Build Trust

Putting personalized video creation to work building trust is something that companies are already doing today. Blings has helped many organizations improve customer engagement and other metrics with personalized and interactive videos through our easy-to-use platform.

One area that trust is of vital importance is healthcare. Providing customer service for patients is an essential task that has a major impact on the ability of healthcare facilities to provide care and how well they can use their resources. Major HMO Clalit Mushlam incorporated personalized videos to help patients reach their appointments on time more consistently, ensuring they get the care they need.

The University of People is the fastest-growing online university in the US, and they need to foster trust among potential applicants throughout the registration process. Using video resources to increase engagement during the admittance process helped them encourage more students to complete the process, increasing their overall conversion rates.

Tips on How You Can Create Your Own Personalized Video Campaign

Video is a powerful tool to foster trust with your customers, but how exactly can you ensure that your video marketing efforts are successful? Blings provides brands and creators with all the tools they need to achieve an effective personalized video campaign.

With Blings, you can incorporate video, audio, and text layers easily. Personalized data can be drawn from a wide range of dynamic sources, allowing you to craft truly one-of-a-kind experiences. Interactive elements are easy to add as well, further driving engagement and creating a holistic customer experience.

Of course, you need to know whether or not the videos you create are really helping build trust and engagement. With Blings, brands have access to robust analytics to gain insight into the success of their campaigns. Streamlined A/B testing lets you make changes on the fly to optimize your campaigns quickly and efficiently.

The best tip that you can follow to really build trust with video is to stay true to your brand. Use these tools to develop your unique messaging and brand perception so that your customers can really get to know you.

Video Marketing Will Only Continue to Be More Essential in the Future

As the world continues to advance toward an even more digital landscape, video marketing will become even more important. Businesses and brands need to understand that consumer expectations are only going to rise and that personalized and interactive video will soon be the standard rather than the future when it comes to the customer experience.

You can future-proof your organization’s video experiences with Blings’ MP5 interactive video format. Take video storytelling to the next level with the latest in personalization through dynamic data and provide seamless interactivity.