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Increased user engagement

through personal,

interactive and real-time video

  • Dramatically improve your business performance
  • Immediate ROI on marketing and sales investment
  • Increased calls-to-action among stakeholders
  • Improved loyalty and engagement
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Blings empowers your brand to create personalized videos at scale!

  • Improve Engagement
  • Improve Satisfaction
  • Increase Retention
  • Decrease Churn
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Who said Video
has to be hard?

With Blings, your motion graphics team can build out beautiful and engaging videos and leave the customization and execution to the Business teams.

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brands in the
Video Revolution

Auto Lead Star estee lauder mercedes benz WPP BAV Scores a Goal with World Cup-Themed Video Campaign Globopay singapoor airplane University of the people
Boosting consumer engagement, loyalty and stickiness with their global dealerships
  • Sending relevant car offer details through video has shifted our approach

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  • Using interactive video to increase customer loyalty and personalization

  • Boosting consumer engagement, loyalty and stickiness with their global dealerships

  • Loyalty program increases sales by 350% using personalized video

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  • Significant impact to video viewership and completion rates directly impacting top line engagement numbers

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  • Giving customers a way to actively engage in interactive video at 30,000ft

  • Increased student application completion rate by 52%

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Use cases


Improved User Retention

Nurture meaningful customer relationships to improve satisfaction and retention rates. Connect to your CRM data with Personalized video templates to engage your customers with accurate, personalized, and unique video storytelling.

Real-Time Data

Engaging with your audience as they react builds a stronger relationship and triggers positive outcomes. Blings real-time data connectivity triggers videos based on business logic or user-triggered actions ensuring that your customer journey stays relevant, always.

Marketing Control

After the video is designed and ready, business teams can customize and control the video from the control panel without the need to redesign or recompile the video. Eliminate the design team bottleneck!

In-depth Analytics

What makes good marketing great is the ability to test test test. Blings Analytics console lets you analyze how each element in your video did and gives you the control to continue to iterate and test.

Immediate ROI

Create videos for lead generation, user retention, customer engagement and more. Personalized video humanizes brands and delivers improved CTR, conversions and overall ROI.