Every brand relies on KPIs and other metrics to evaluate how well they’re doing and their potential for growth. Net promoter score (NPS) has risen to become one of the most important metrics, with brands devoting plenty of resources to measuring, tracking, and improving their score. Using the right tools to develop a unique branded video experience is one way that your brand can target NPS and retain more satisfied customers.

What Is NPS (Net Promoter Score)?

NPS is an important metric that helps define customer loyalty and satisfaction. These criteria are generally very difficult to measure, as opposed to measuring conversions, sales, and other concrete data. The NPS seeks to quantify customer loyalty to provide data that can be used for A/B testing videos, marketing strategies, and more.

You’ve likely interacted with NPS before without realizing it. If you’ve ever seen a quiz asking you to rate how likely you are to recommend a product or company to a friend, you’ve seen a company collecting NPS data. Collecting this data from customers helps define trends in customer loyalty.

Calculating NPS

To obtain an NPS for your business, you first need to survey your customers.   Instead of reaching out after the fact, integrated surveys let you get the answers you need right away and from a larger portion of your customer base.

With that data in hand, you can calculate your NPS. Customers who rate a 9 or 10 are known as promoters, the customers who really display loyalty and help build your brand. Those at 6 or lower are called detractors, as they are unlikely to promote your brand. Customers in between are called passive and have a neutral impact.

You can calculate your final net promoter score by taking the difference between the percentages of promoters and detractors. Interpreting your results can be more complicated as they vary by industry. While a score in the range of 40% would be excellent for an auto dealer, a score of 60% would be pretty low for a retail outlet.

How Can Personalized Video Increase NPS for Your Business?

NPS is all about the customer experience. It takes the subjective concept of customer satisfaction and turns it into concrete numbers based on the customer’s own perception. This means that raising NPS requires delivering a better product, service, and overall experience for customers.

Personalized video helps provide a more engaging customer experience. When your product or services include features and resources that incorporate personalized video, you build a better connection with customers. They feel that their needs are being met.

With content from dynamic data sources, the impact that unique personalization features have can be more than just a feeling of familiarity. With geolocation data, information from linked accounts and other platforms, and other sources of data, video marketing and applications can serve your customers better.

After such an engaging experience, your customers are sure to promote your brand to their friends and family. NPS is a valuable tool for measuring customer loyalty, but at the end of the day, the best way to improve your score is to provide a better experience for your customers, and personalized video can help you do that.

The Benefits of Increasing NPS With Personalized Video

Increasing NPS with personalized video can provide your brand with a wide range of benefits. First, it creates more advocates for your brand. With happier customers that give higher promoter survey responses, you’ll have more people spreading the word about your product or service.

Using personalized video, in particular, is a very efficient way to increase your NPS. Compared to other methods, you can improve customer experience very affordably using personalized video.

Personalized video also provides you with opportunities to evaluate your decisions. Blings features built-in analytics that makes it easy to evaluate the impact of your video content.

Get Started Increasing NPS With Personalized Video Now

NPS is one of the most important metrics to monitor and improve for your business, and personalized video is a valuable tool for increasing your NPS. With Blings, personalized video creation couldn’t be easier with a platform that puts you in control of how you reach your customers.

Blings’ unique MP5 video format provides opportunities for truly engaging video content that helps endear your brand to your customers. They’ll be sure to tell their friends and family about the great experience they have with your brand when video marketing and other parts of the customer journey feature interactive and personalized video content.

Improve NPS and other key metrics showing your brand’s success by using Blings to take your video content to the next level.