The customer journey has long been a central focus for brands and marketing agencies everywhere. Understanding and guiding that journey is the key to getting conversions and building relationships with customers, and brands use a variety of tools to make that happen. Today, interactive video is at the forefront of how innovative brands can create the perfect customer journey.

Mapping the Customer Journey

The experience that your customers have with your company can be just as important as the products or services you provide. Today, most brands conceptualize the relationship with their customers as a journey, one with a variety of steps that each require a unique approach to navigate successfully.

The individual steps on any customer journey are going to be unique to your business and how it operates. You might be providing a one-off product or an app that users check every day, and you need to understand and define the key interactions throughout the customer journey to capitalize on them properly.

In general, there are five key phases to the customer journey that businesses need to consider.

  1. The first is the awareness phase when customers first become aware of your brand through marketing efforts such as video for the customer journey. This is the first interaction, and it’s often the most important, so delivering a lasting impact is essential.
  2. Next is the consideration phase, where potential customers consider whether or not to commit. A customized customer journey is highly effective here, helping guide customers to the specific content and information needed to sway their decision in the right way.
  3. The purchase phase is when the customer actually makes the purchase, so it’s important to have the right calls-to-action and features to make buying easy.
  4. Next, there is the retention phase, where your brand has an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with your customers. A variety of customized customer journey experiences can help keep customers coming back.
  5. Finally, there is the advocacy phase, where satisfied customers provide ongoing support for your brand. Crafting the right journey leaves customers more likely to recommend your brand online and to their friends and family.

How Personalized Video Helps Craft the Customer Journey

Today, interactive video and personalization of content are some of the most powerful tools available to craft the customer journey. In any marketing effort, one of the key challenges is ensuring that your content effectively targets the right audience. With video personalization, you can target customers down to the individual to draw in as much engagement as possible.

With Blings’ interactive MP5 videos, you can ensure that the appropriate content is being delivered to customers at the right point throughout the customer journey. Dynamic information can be incorporated into the video in multiple layers, providing a fully personalized experience. Different video scenes and effects can be triggered based on interaction, creating a more engaging experience for customers.

It’s easy to integrate Blings with the most widely used business platforms today, including Shopify, SFDC, HubSpot, Marketo, and more. This lets you augment the customer journey seamlessly, putting interactive video content to work within your established platforms. More engaging formats help drive the customer journey more effectively, and interactive, personalized video is the most engaging format available today.

How to Develop a Successful Personalized Video Campaign

A personalized video is an effective tool for your brand, but how exactly can you develop a successful campaign? Luckily, Blings provides all of the tools and features necessary to build your campaign from the ground up and implement continuous improvement in your efforts.

First, our After Effects extension allows you to implement the highest-quality smart video features with a simple no-code tool. Start from scratch or add elements to existing videos, including personalized text, interactive buttons, animation, images, audio, video, and color. Interactive and personalized elements can connect to dynamic data through a variety of formats.

Making your personalized videos is just one part of crafting the ultimate customer journey. You also need to be able to assess how those videos are performing and continue to improve your methods. Blings provides the data and insight you need to fully understand video performance. You’ll have clear access to watch-time and engagement data alongside robust A/B testing tools.

Analytics provide insight into individual elements of your personalized videos, letting you identify which sections engage customers and which don’t, along with which calls-to-action are the most effective. With Blings, you can make quick changes without the need to re-render the entire video, so you can put these useful insights to work immediately.

Examples of How Businesses Are Using Personalized Video

Creating an interactive video journey for your customers isn’t something that’s coming at some point in the future. It’s something that’s already here today. Brands around the world are already seeing significant increases in sales and engagement through the careful deployment of a truly personalized customer journey.

Fast-food mega chain McDonald’s increased purchase rate through their McCoins loyalty program by 350% using Blings’ MP5 videos. The customized custom MP5 videos provided direct integration with their database to bring the viewer’s status and activity into the video, along with built-in call-to-actions.

Major HMO Clalit Mushlam applied the same principles that go into crafting the customer journey to improve the patient journey at their healthcare facilities. With Blings, Clalit Mushlam reduced their no-show rate with custom videos featuring appointment details, location, and directions for patients.

These and many other companies throughout a wide range of industries are already seeing the impact of the personalization of content firsthand. The versatility of Blings’ MP5 interactive video format lets brands take control of the customer journey in ways that simply weren’t possible before.

The Future of Personalized Video

The future of personalized video is here today with Blings’ MP5 interactive video format and the unique tools surrounding it. With Blings, brands can develop the ultimate interactive videos through our After Effects extension that lets you connect each layer to dynamic data. Blings provides real-time interactivity and integration with major business platforms across the web.

All of this together lets any brand create truly engaging personalized content for its customers. Every step of the customer journey can be managed gracefully with interactive video content developed with Blings.