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Kirkland’s Holiday Success: Personalized Video Coupons Double Engagement and Triple Sales

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Kirkland’s, a well-known American retail chain, specializes in home decor and gifts. Renowned for its wide range of products, Kirkland’s offers unique and affordable items that cater to various customer preferences, especially during the holiday season.


After the remarkable results in the campaign leading up to Christmas, Kirkland’s aimed to enhance customer engagement and boost sales during the highly competitive Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping periods. The challenge lay in standing out in a crowded market and creating a more personalized shopping experience for their customers.


In an effort to boost customer engagement, Kirkland’s leveraged the cutting-edge technology of to craft a distinctive marketing approach for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The Black Friday strategy, mirroring the approach of their Christmas campaign, featured personalized coupon videos tailored to individual shopping habits, focusing on items for the holiday season.
The Cyber Monday campaign featured a video showcasing general sale offers, including a ‘claim coupon’ button to further increase engagement. Clicking this button directed customers to sales offers based on their previous purchases.




Similarly to the Christmas campaign, the two campaigns yielded impressive results. The CTR for viewing the videos was 2.3X higher than their holiday benchmark, and both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns resulted in an almost identical sales increase of 3.7X  and 3.3X accordingly. Furthermore, the personalized approach in the video content was well-received, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Black Friday campaign results show a 2.3X increase in CTA engagement and a 3.7X increase in sales

The Cyber Monday campaign also resulted in a 2.3X increase in CTA engagement and a 3.3X increase in sales


The remarkable outcomes of the Kirkland’s and campaigns underscore the transformative impact of personalized video content in the retail sector. This innovative approach not only significantly boosted sales and customer engagement but also deepened the connection between Kirkland’s and its customers. The use of personalized videos exemplified the effectiveness of tailored storytelling in influencing consumer behavior. These campaigns have set a new standard, demonstrating how customized digital experiences can dramatically enhance customer loyalty and drive sales. The success achieved here serves as a valuable model for future marketing strategies, highlighting the critical role of personalization in the evolving landscape of digital retail marketing.