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Kirkland’s Personalized Video Campaign Lights Up Christmas Sales

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Kirkland’s is an American retail company specializing in home decor and gifts. Founded in 1966, it operates over 400 stores across the U.S. Kirkland’s offers a wide range of affordable home furnishings and decor items, catering to various styles and preferences. The brand is particularly known for its seasonal decorations and has a strong online presence to complement its physical stores. Kirkland’s mission is to provide inspiring, quality home decor at great value, focusing on customer satisfaction.


When approaching this project, Kirkland’s was looking for creative ways to stand out in the highly competitive holiday market, with a particular focus on the Christmas sales period. The objectives were clear: increase customer engagement, personalize the shopping experience, and boost sales of specific categories.


Kirkland’s collaborated with to overcome the identified challenge and utilize the MP5 technology as part of their campaign goals to increase engagement and boost holiday sales. 

A key element in the campaign was SMS marketing with a twist. All messages sent to customers included auto-play content with a ‘tap to unmute’ option, creating an immediate engagement with the recipient. In addition, leveraging customer shopping data, Kirkland’s distributed personalized coupons focused on Christmas-related products such as Ornaments, Garlands, Wreaths, and Pillows. 


The campaign delivered remarkable outcomes: The CTR from the SMS to the video DOUBLED, surpassing Kirkland’s average CTR benchmark. Furthermore, the video engagement rates reached a remarkable 44.7%, indicating that the content successfully resonated with the target audience. And to top it all off, overall sales in the specific categories targeted in the campaign goals increased by a staggering 3.5X.




The Christmas campaign by and Kirkland’s demonstrated how traditional marketing can be effectively enhanced with the MP5 innovative technology. Utilizing’s technology to personalize the shopping experience, Kirkland’s achieved its sales objectives and significantly strengthened its brand loyalty and market position. This campaign sets a benchmark for future marketing endeavors, underscoring the importance of adapting to new technologies and evolving consumer preferences in today’s dynamic retail landscape.

Based on the success of this project, Kirklands decided to add 2 additional seasonal campaigns, one for Black Friday and another for Cyber Monday.