In today's digital age, video content has become an essential part of our daily lives, from entertainment to education, marketing to communication.

With the rise of social media and video-sharing platforms, creating personalized videos that can go viral has become a new form of digital art. Personalized videos that connect with viewers on an emotional level are the ones that can capture their attention and get shared widely.

That’s why we have decided to create a list of 10 handpicked creative ways to make a personalized video that has the potential to go viral.

10 Creative Ways to Make a Personalized Video That Will Go Viral

What Is a Personalized Video?

A personalized video refers to content that is uniquely tailored to a specific audience, including potential or existing customers, partners, or influencers. These videos can either be targeted to individual viewers or broader groups within a specific target audience.

For instance, personalized videos may feature a customer's name, such as a thank-you video for purchasing a product or a customized birthday message. Alternatively, a sales outreach video may be created specifically for a company's most significant client.

Personalized video content is highly effective in capturing people's attention in a world where advertising is increasingly pervasive. Personalization is essential for customers who want to feel valued and treated as individuals, not just leads.

Studies have shown that personalized content, particularly in combination with video, results in higher returns and click-to-open rates than conventional marketing and sales emails.

Moreover, personalized videos can be an effective strategy for reconnecting with customers who have lost interest in a brand. According to a study, personalized videos sent to inactive email subscribers were opened five times more often than typical marketing and sales emails.

What Do You Need to Personalize In Your Video Content?

10 Creative Ways to Make a Personalized Video That Will Go Viral

To distinguish yourself from the competition, it is crucial to be meticulous in personalizing your video content.

There are several elements that can be tailored to create a customized viewing experience, including the following: 

  • Consumer's name
  • Video thumbnail
  • Content
  • Images
  • Brand logo
  • Company details/website

By paying attention to these details and incorporating them seamlessly into your video, you can create an engaging and effective personalized experience for the viewer.

The Most Popular Personalized Video Types


Now that you have been introduced to the basics, it’s time to take a closer look at the essential video types and what you need to do to create them.

Sales demo video content

Sales demo videos serve the purpose of presenting a clear understanding of the product's functionality and value proposition, making them ideal for personalization.

By creating customized sales demos, sales representatives can go beyond the general product highlights and demonstrate how the product can specifically address the customer's needs.

Typically, demo videos are used in the final stages of the sales funnel, where conversions are crucial. Therefore, personalizing demo videos in this phase is worth the effort as it can significantly impact the likelihood of converting leads into customers.


Video is a highly potent tool for elucidating complex ideas, but personalized explainer videos take the process to the next level.

When an explainer video is tailored to the individual viewer, they are better able to comprehend the concepts in the context of their specific requirements and envision how they could be implemented in their real-life situations.

Thank-you videos

The authenticity of a thank-you message is crucial for it to hold real value.

Which do you think would be more unique and enduring: a mass-produced, generic thank-you note sent out to countless individuals, or a personalized, handwritten message addressed to you alone?

When expressing gratitude to customers for choosing your product, or to clients for their continued collaboration, an individualized approach can make a significant impact.

Case studies

As the ultimate goal of a case study is to convey the worth of a product or service to potential clients, personalizing them can be an ideal choice.

Event videos

It's hard to resist the appeal of a personalized invitation, especially when it comes to video invites that feature the invitee's details.

These types of invites can be extremely effective in generating excitement and curiosity for an upcoming event, regardless of whether it's a virtual or in-person occasion.

How to Make a Video That Will Go Viral: 10 Creative Ways to Make Great Personalized Video Content

10 Creative Ways to Make a Personalized Video That Will Go Viral

It’s time to introduce you to the best ways to create your own personalized video content that will strike a chord with your customers.

Top-notch quality is a must

Irrespective of what you're attempting to market, your chances of attracting fresh customers increase significantly when you can demonstrate the practical use of your product or service.

Therefore, producing a top-notch video that highlights your product is among the most effective video marketing strategies to enhance your brand and drive more sales.

Useful guides

YouTube is a go-to platform for numerous individuals seeking informative tutorials on a wide range of subjects. By creating valuable how-to guides pertinent to your industry, you can not only enhance your SEO but also attract a vast number of potential customers.

Furthermore, in certain cases, you can showcase your products or services within these videos. Managing to come up with YouTube video ideas that will go viral based on your brand is something that’ll pay off quite well.

Listicle videos

You'll come across Top 5 or Top 10 lists frequently on YouTube and various other video-sharing platforms. These lists are immensely popular as they offer viewers a fast, informative, and enjoyable rundown of the top products or services in a given category.

Therefore, creating similar ranking lists relevant to your brand can be a smart strategy to attract and engage with potential customers. Remember, these are the videos that go viral often too.


The diversity of video content is continuously expanding, but at times, relying on traditional methods can be beneficial.

For instance, a straightforward video ad or commercial can be an effective way to market your business. Rather than investing large sums of money to broadcast it on television, you can simply upload it on popular online video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.


Obtaining customer feedback and testimonials can sometimes be the most effective way to advertise a new product or service. It's not uncommon to see customer reviews or testimonials displayed prominently on the home pages of various websites.

While this can be advantageous, capturing video testimonials can take things up a notch.

Product tutorials

One of the top video marketing tactics involves producing videos that showcase innovative ways to use your product.

If your product or service has several uses and can benefit a diverse range of individuals, this is an excellent technique to highlight its true value.


Visual content is significantly more effective than textual content in capturing people's attention and conveying a message.

For this reason, numerous companies employ infographics to demonstrate the benefits of their product or service. While static infographics can be featured in blog posts and social media, creating video infographics is also a possibility.

Be present on multiple platforms

One of the major advantages of videos is that they can capture people's interest across various platforms. In the past, companies primarily utilized television advertising to enhance their brand's exposure.

However, nowadays, you can instantly reach potential customers through an array of digital platforms by posting your videos.

Prioritize value with your video content

Crafting exceptional content is a vital first step in creating an exceptional personalized video. This involves adhering to fundamental principles of video production, such as formulating a coherent script, utilizing high-quality footage, and including subtitles, among other things.

However, personalization necessitates generating distinct versions of your video for various target audiences, which can be a time-consuming task.

Take advantage of tech

Do not hesitate to buy, download, and use the best software and even hardware to film your content. Always stay up to date with the industry novelties and be among the first ones to take advantage of them.

Personalized Videos: Why Personalization Matters

Video content is a crucial aspect of engaging customers with brands. The incorporation of personalization elevates the customer experience by providing each individual with a bespoke encounter tailored specifically to their needs.

This is a welcome respite for customers who are bombarded with generic messaging from brands. Personalized videos indicate that a brand values its customers as unique individuals.

Although personalized videos may not guarantee significant contracts, they can undoubtedly assist in cultivating a more profound connection with potential customers. This is a critical element for establishing long-term loyalty, so it is important not to neglect video personalization.

Final words

Can you create a video that will go viral? Now you can. Can you make an impact through personalization? Yes, without a question!

But, remember, if you want to enhance your customer engagement and provide a more personalized experience, creating customized videos is a great strategy.

However, before diving into video personalization, it's essential to set clear goals. Then, you can choose a personalization solution that aligns with your objectives, gather relevant customer data, plan your video content, and distribute it to your target audience.