Personalization is an amazing tool for developing a better customer experience and reaching out through engaging marketing. Businesses around the world are implementing personalization in exciting new ways, and the versatile personalized video platform that Blings provides is a prime example of this kind of marketing. Here are some of the ways that your business can take personalization to the next level.

The Rise of Personalized Video

Personalization has existed in online marketing in some form for decades. Even very rudimentary systems have been able to incorporate a potential customer’s name into their text, as can be seen in the widespread use of email marketing management tools. However, this can only do so much for engagement.

A better way is to implement personalization in videos. Traditionally, this would have been an incredibly difficult task, with personalized video messages being unfeasible for most industries. However, Blings makes generating scalable personalized videos possible for anyone. Now you can take full advantage of the improved engagement and impact that video marketing has while also delivering customized content.

Making Better Use of Location

location data

Location data is another prime target for personalization strategy. This has already been in use for some time by simply shoe-horning the name of a user’s town into text. However, this is barely scratching the surface of what can be achieved with modern personalization technology. Now, you can incorporate meaningful information based on a user’s location into your personalized video message.

Regional data can be taken from a wide range of sources to improve the customer experience. This can be as simple as incorporating information about the local weather or providing the correct local time in your content. The best thing about these strategies is that they can be fully automated with the right solution, making the approach scalable for any type of business. 

Including a Personal Touch

personal touch

One of the key goals of personalization is to develop a more one-on-one customer experience. You want your customers to feel like they have a personal connection with your business that can lead to a more fulfilling and longer-lasting relationship. That means you’ll be able to bring in more customers and keep them more effectively.

Incorporating a person’s name into content is one of the basics of personalization, but it’s still very effective. You shouldn’t overlook the impact that it can have when a customer feels that they are being addressed personally. In some cases, implementing a profile picture from a connected social media account can further improve this personal touch.

Interactivity and Personalization

Developing a truly engaging customer experience is the primary reasoning behind personalization. Adding interactivity to a personalized video can take that a step further. Interactive tools can create a guided journey through personalized content. This adds another dimension to the process that lets you address even more of your customer’s needs.

Interactivity also introduces opportunities for you to better understand your customers. The information you can gather based on how your customers interact can serve as a useful tool for improving your process in the future and developing better strategies.

Delivering Targeted Content

Marketing today is largely based on accurately targeting the right consumers with the right businesses. Incorporating these kinds of suggestions into content can provide a more fulfilling experience for your customers. By providing them with relevant and actionable recommendations, you’re delivering real value that customers will notice.

This is particularly effective when paired with location data. Providing suggestions for businesses and establishments in the area that can help meet customer needs can be highly effective. You can make customers more likely to stay with you by making their lives easier through the personalization you implement.

Continuously Testing Your Strategies

Making use of personalized video B2B or B2C applications can really benefit from involves developing the right strategies. A major part of that development is being able to test different versions of personalization and evaluate how well customers are responding. This testing plays a vital role in the continuous development of your personalization strategy.

Blings makes this task incredibly straightforward with integrated A/B testing for your personalized video messages. With each change you make, you can gauge the difference in how well your customers respond. This way, your customized efforts continue to improve over time, giving you a better strategy in the long run.

Maintaining Scalability

Scalability is among the greatest efforts in personalization. Generic content is easy to scale. There are no limits to how much you can simply copy a video and spread it to customers. With personalized content, you need to find an effective solution that lets you generate unique video messages at a scale that works for your business.

Blings provides a personalization solution that is infinitely scalable. You can generate personalized video messages as needed without any limit. No matter what your unique needs are, Blings is the personalization solution that can help you improve customer engagement.

Capitalizing on Analytics


You need to understand how well your strategies are working for your business is going to succeed. Doing so requires the right analytics that really captures the customer experience and lets you know where improvements need to be made. With an in-depth look at the impact of your content, you can make better use of personalization to continue growing your business.

Blings can give you the analytical tools you need to better collect and understand consumer data from your personalized content. You’ll be able to continuously improve your efforts and develop a better picture of the customer journey, leaving you more capable of addressing their unique needs.

Getting Started With Blings

Blings is a platform that lets you truly embrace personalization through the use of innovative personalized video messages. With numerous opportunities for different types of personalization, your content will be more engaging and more likely to satisfy your customers’ needs.

You can contact Blings today to find out more about what our platform can do for your business. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about how personalization can help you.