When it comes down to developing effective marketing strategies, the conversion rate is one of the most important metrics that brands must focus on to succeed. Landing pages pick up the digital customer experience once they’ve been intrigued by your other marketing efforts, and you need the right content on those pages to convert those visitors into customers. Video is one of the most powerful tools that you can implement on your landing pages – when it’s done right.

The Importance of Your Organization’s Landing Pages

A landing page, put simply, is the page where your potential customers land when they visit your site. The most effective websites feature multiple landing pages based on how customers discover your website, directing them to the appropriate products, services, offers, or promotions right away. This means they don’t have to dig to find what they’re looking for but can immediately move on to the next step.

Landing pages are so important because they make it possible to achieve conversion quickly. Your site’s visitors have little to no patience on average, meaning they’re quick to leave if they can’t find what they’re looking for. They want the appropriate call-to-action presented immediately and are unlikely to make use of your site’s navigation or links to dig for it.

The laser focus provided by landing pages lets you make the most effective use of other marketing strategies. If you’re investing in pay-per-click advertising, affiliate links, social media marketing, or other campaigns, you want to maximize conversions from the visitors they provide. This increases the impact of your marketing spend, letting your business enjoy increased revenue and profits.

How Video Can Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

The type of content that you include on your landing pages has a huge impact on conversion rates. Every second counts, so you need to be able to engage, inform, and convince visitors before they lose interest and take their business elsewhere.

When visiting a webpage that only contains text and images, most visitors will stick around for less than a minute. In many cases, the average time on page can be just seconds. Only having text and images makes a page unengaging and encourages scanning. Users can rapidly scroll through the entire page in seconds and move on if the key points they’re looking for aren’t presented in a way that catches their attention.

For pages with video, the average visit lasts around five minutes. Visitors are more likely to sit through a video than to read through a block of text. Having the information conveyed in this way is more engaging, capturing attention and ensuring that your key points are communicated effectively. This engagement factor is what makes video marketing of all kinds so effective, and this is particularly true for landing pages.

Types of Videos to Include on Your Landing Pages

Having video content on your landing pages can help increase the time that visitors spend on your website, leading to higher conversions. However, what kinds of video content should be included on your landing pages? Making sure to send the right message is just as important as putting the video there in the first place.

One of the most effective types of video content is so-called “explainer videos.” These are brief videos that simply impart information about your product or service to your visitors. They let you craft a narrative around your brand, making sure that all of the key points are heard by your visitors and letting them make an informed decision.

Testimonials are also highly effective. Hearing a story from a satisfied customer about your product or service can be highly convincing for visitors. The personal nature of testimonials does a lot to help build a real connection between your brand and visitors.

How Businesses Are Making the Most of Their Landing Pages With Video

Many brands have already seen the significant effect that video can have on their landing page conversion rates.

AutoLeadStar is an auto dealership that has worked with Blings to improve multiple aspects of its marketing efforts. This includes a 146% increase in click-thru rate for landing pages when they added personalized video, leading to more conversions for their sales process.

Globoplay is a subscription streaming service with over 20 million users that worked with Blings to implement personalized video content on landing pages for a QR code campaign. The personalized videos differed based on registration status, showing different content for new and existing users and providing appropriate calls-to-action for each.

Tips for Optimizing Your Video to Maximize Conversion Rates

Video content can improve your conversion rates, and you can take advantage of some simple tips to make sure you receive the full benefit. The first tip is to make sure that you put your video above the fold of your landing page. This means it has to be high enough on the page to be visible without any scrolling, ensuring that every visitor sees that it is there.

Implementing personalization is another great way to improve your video content. Personalization in marketing is one of the best ways to increase conversion across any medium, including video. With Blings, you can add personalized and interactive elements that draw real-time data from a wide range of sources to craft the perfect customer experience, all contained within the video on your landing page.

Ensuring that you use data-driven video is just as important. You can’t just guess the effectiveness of your videos. Instead, make sure that you have the necessary analytics to gauge success. With Blings, the A/B testing video is straightforward, and changes can be made on the fly for continuous optimization.

Make Better Videos for Your Landing Pages With Blings

The benefits of implementing video content on your landing pages are clear, but you need the right tools to maximize those benefits. With Blings, making high-quality personalized video content is straightforward, fast, and effective.

You can take complete control with our intuitive video creation and optimization system, adding and changing interactive and personalized elements with ease. Book your demo today to see how Blings can help you improve your conversion rates.