Video marketing strategies play a major role for most businesses today, serving as an engaging way to reach, communicate with, and retain customers. However, many business owners don’t fully understand the full benefits that video marketing can provide. Don’t let these common video marketing myths prevent you from taking full advantage of a video to promote your brand.

  1. Videos Are Only Right for Promoting Products or Services

    Videos Are Only Right for Promoting Products or Services

Videos are an incredibly effective way to highlight specific products and services. They’re engaging and allow you to communicate your key points to potential customers very effectively. However, this is far from the only use of video marketing.

Today, video marketing plays a more holistic role in the customer journey. Videos can be used to help build a relationship rather than simply serving as an entry point. Many examples of the best video marketing aren’t concerned with products or services at all. Personalized video marketing with Blings is being implemented by creators of all kinds to reach their audiences and drive engagement.

  1. Only Long Videos Are EffectiveOnly Long Videos Are Effective

Video marketing is a versatile medium that provides maximum flexibility and control for brands to communicate their message. However, many brands tend to gravitate strictly toward longer videos. While these longer videos play an important role, they’re far from being the only format brands should be using.

Short-form videos like the kind found throughout TikTok and other popular apps resonate incredibly well with key demographics. Making shorter videos allows for quick and direct communication, maintaining full engagement for the entire duration. The best video marketing strategies implement a healthy mix of both short and long videos.

  1. Video Content Is Only Suited for Social MediaVideo Content Is Only Suited for Social Media

Social media platforms are some of the most widely used vectors for video marketing strategies. Users expect video content while browsing social media, making them more likely to open and engage with video content. However, social media isn’t the only place that you should be using video.

Personalized video email marketing is one of the latest trends that’s showing great success for many brands. It’s incredibly easy to implement videos into email marketing, and it greatly increases the engagement and click-thru rates of email campaigns. Personalization improves engagement even further and is something users respond to in all types of email marketing.

  1. It Takes a Professional Crew to Make Great VideosIt Takes a Professional Crew to Make Great Videos

You might think that you’re going to have to go out and higher a full crew for your next video marketing campaign, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While you can always rely on professionals to support your marketing efforts, Blings makes it possible to produce professional video content all on your own.

Blings makes it easy to incorporate multiple layers within your videos, allowing you to create and customize elements independently. You can use a base video or simply use an image or even colored background to start with. From there, you can add timed text, audio, and interactive elements to communicate your message in an engaging way.

  1. Videos Can’t Be Used for SEO Purposes

When most people think of SEO, they focus on keywords in written content on their web pages. However, that’s far from the only or most important part of ranking your web pages on search engines. Videos are a powerful tool for fully optimizing your content.

Video content contains metadata that search engines go through alongside visible text on any webpage. A video with the right tags can greatly improve your rankings. Having video on your pages also changes how visitors interact with your page, which impacts the metrics that determine SEO rankings. Visitors spend more time on your page, and that signals to search engines that you have valuable content worth directing users to.

  1. Producing Videos Is Expensive and Time-ConsumingProducing Videos Is Expensive and Time-Consuming

You only have so much of your brand’s budget available for marketing, and you need to be sure that you allocate it for the best possible results. Making videos might sound like an expensive process at first, but with the right solution, you can create impactful videos within your budget. Blings personalized videos provide the maximum impact for your marketing spend.

Creating marketing videos can also be a very straightforward and fast process when you have access to the right platform. With Blings, you can create personalized, interactive video content in minutes instead of hours.

  1. Videos Aren’t Right for B2B MarketingVideos Aren’t Right for B2B Marketing

Video marketing content is widely used to target consumers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for businesses as well. It’s important to remember when developing B2B marketing campaigns that your audience is still made up of individuals, not businesses themselves. You need a way to reach the individuals working at those businesses responsible for making decisions.

Video content is one of the best ways to do so. You can communicate quickly, accurately, and clearly to ensure that your key points are shown to the people who need to see them. Improved engagement can also set you against competitors who rely solely on text and image content to reach B2B customers.

  1. Compatibility Between Video and Business Platforms Isn’t Great

Depending on the nature of your brand, you likely have a variety of business platforms that you rely on to run your operations. You might think that working personalized video content on these platforms could pose a challenge, but that isn’t the case.

Blings is fully compatible and provides quick and easy integration with an extensive range of business platforms. You can easily leverage your unique video content using Shopify, HubSpot, SFDC, Marketo, and other top platforms to maximize your impact.

Develop the Optimal Video Marketing for Your Brand

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