Hi there,

I’m Dana, VP Product at Blings.io.

Starting today, I’ll be using this format to keep you up to date with our latest product info including releases, fixes, updates, and more. I’d love to hear back from you with anything you’d like to share, if it’s about the product itself, how you're using it, or any requests and recommendations you may have. Please send emails to support@blings.io, I see every one of them and will respond as quickly as I can.  I’ll also try to include a video outlining the updates. Check out my first crack at being a YouTube star. Let me know how I did!

Today I’ll discuss the highlights from our November release which include:

  • Blings.io Player 3.1.4
  • Blings.io Extension 2.3.1

Following feedback from designers using the extension and from partners using the full suite of products, the R&D was committed to resolving and improving the user interface and usability to help streamline your day-to-day work with the tools.  The extension workflow has been reworked to be more slick and better support an optimal user experience and help them be more efficient while creating MP5 videos.

Until next time, have fun being creative!

New feature: Multi-selection schema key

When creating dynamic video, you’re likely to have a defined list of parameters you’re basing the script on. For example, a video targeted to 5 business industries including Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Technology and Consumer Goods.  Now when you create a schema for that video, you can create the list as a multi-select field including the set of pre-defined choices making selecting the correct parameter easier.

Improved UX

This release includes some interface and usability improvements including:

  • Sort by project name
  • Search functionality has been added in the Blings Platform (for accounts with over 10 projects)
  • Added spinners/loading animation on the Blings Platform homepage


We updated our integration code with a new version of the player. It requires rendering the project with an updated Extension. To check what version you are currently using follow these steps:

    • Navigate to a webpage that includes a Blings Video Player
    • Right-click on the webpage and select ‘Inspect’> Console and then search for Blings.io player.
    • If your player version is older than 3.1.4, please reach out and we’ll work with you on the update.

      Blings player version

    • Fixed bugs with CSV upload and data points selection


Our extension has an upgraded user experience:

    • It is now possible to select multiple compositions to be rendered consecutively rather than needing to select and render them one by one.
    • We added a ‘last edited’ timestamp to the compositions list
    • Many improvements were made to the user interface to streamline easy usage.
    • Now, when creating a new project using the extension, there is no need to open the project in the platform beforehand.
    • In the previous release, we mapped compositions to scenes.
      • This means that we automatically render a composition to a scene with the same name.
      • You don’t need to open a scene in the extension anymore.
      • Rendering again a composition with the same name - will update it to the existing scene in the playground, with that name.