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WPP’s personalized, interactive World Cup-themed video campaign had an incredible 46% click-through rate, with plans to expand in the future.

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WPP BAV is a research group that specializes in studying consumer behavior and attitudes. It is a part of WPP, a global advertising and public relations company. WPP BAV helps companies understand how their brand is perceived by consumers and how to effectively market and position it in the market.

They launched a series of videos to be sent to their internal WPP teams to introduce and strengthen the perception of WPP BAV within the organization. The concept of the video was to piggyback on the hype of the World Cup to introduce the metrics they collect, analyze and publicize about different countries that can be relevant for a brand.

The World Cup: More than Just a Game

To introduce and strengthen the perception of WPP BAV within the WPP organization, they created a series of videos to be sent to their internal teams. The concept of this video was to use the excitement surrounding the World Cup to introduce the metrics that WPP BAV collects, analyzes, and publishes about different countries. The video was designed as a quiz that compared, in this case, France and Argentina, with each question collecting and calculating the results in real-time.

Blings: Elevating Your Video Marketing Game

The Implementation team at WPP has a strong technical background and data-centric focus, which allowed them to easily utilize all of the features of the Blings’ platform. They built the video as a template with all aspects open for editing, making it easy to reuse and repurpose in the future.

A video used to introduce a new metric that was being added to the portfolio included examples and gave the user the opportunity to explore additional areas of investigation, results, and implications of the metric. The video included:

  • Personalization: The video included the recipient’s name and relevant metric for their country, so an employee from the Sweden office would see the new metric for Sweden.
  • Interactivity: The video included buttons that allowed viewers to dig deeper into the information they were interested in or click out to specific areas of the website.
  • Dynamic Thumbnail: To increase the click-through rate on the video, the email was sent with a thumbnail featuring the viewer’s first name.

World Cup Results: Goal!

campaign completion
WPP campaign completion rate
WPP Thumbnail

The World Cup campaign was a great success. For those that opened the email, the dynamic thumbnail worked well and people were curious to watch the video with a 46% CTR versus 11% benchmark.

The results in numbers


Viewing Time (in seconds)


Video Completion Rate


Engagement rate for those who answered all the questions

The statistics started to go wild once the video is played. Those who started watching were engaged enough to watch for 33 seconds and even interact with the video, with 76% watching the first video to the end. There was a very low drop rate for those who started interacting with the video, with 92.7% and 94.9% play rate for each subsequent question and 97.6% staying until the end. This means that around 11% of the people who opened the email stayed for 1:20 minutes to educate themselves about WPP BAV metrics in an engaging and fun way.