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Springbig’s Innovative Video Campaign with Doubles Online Sales

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Springbig, a leading provider of customer loyalty and marketing solutions, specializes in innovative strategies aimed at enhancing customer engagement and sales, with a primary focus on the cannabis industry. Their platform offers a suite of cutting-edge tools designed to engage and retain customers effectively. Among Springbig’s notable clients is Oasis Cannabis, a renowned dispensary known for its diverse product range and strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The history of successful campaigns and innovations at Springbig further solidifies its expertise in this dynamic sector.


Oasis Cannabis aimed to effectively promote its monthly sales and introduce new products to its customers, with a focus on enhancing customer engagement and increasing sales. Traditionally, their promotional efforts relied on web banners distributed via SMS. However, recognizing the need for a more dynamic approach, especially considering the high costs associated with SMS distribution, Oasis Cannabis was challenged to innovate its campaign strategies. Their objective was to create more impactful and engaging promotions, with the ultimate goal of driving higher sales.


In collaboration with, Springbig initiated an A/B test for Oasis Cannabis, using the standard approach as the control group:

  • Standard Campaign: Featured picture banners with listed items, distributed via SMS.
  • Campaign: Utilized the MP5 video format, also distributed via SMS, incorporating unique features and creative elements to enhance engagement.

The objective was to assess the impact of a traditional web banner approach against’s innovative video marketing strategy.


The campaign demonstrated remarkable success in several key areas. There was a notable 22.8% increase in member conversion compared to the standard campaign, indicative of an improved customer journey. Additionally, the average spend per member was 59% higher with the campaign, underscoring its effectiveness in boosting individual sales. Furthermore, the campaign doubled the average return per message sent, highlighting its overall success and efficiency.

Complementing these achievements, the campaign exhibited a notable progression in its success, reflecting the impact of ongoing optimization. The campaign began with a 6% increase in sales, which then escalated to 24.7%, and eventually peaked at an impressive 59%. This steady growth in performance, culminating in a substantial surge, underscores the campaign’s increasing effectiveness and strategic refinement over time.




The Springbig and collaboration for Oasis Cannabis redefined the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns. By integrating innovative video content, the campaign not only doubled sales but also significantly enhanced customer engagement. This case study demonstrates the power of creative marketing solutions in the cannabis industry and sets a new benchmark for future promotional strategies. The success of this campaign underscores the potential of video marketing in driving sales and building customer relationships, potentially influencing broader marketing trends in the cannabis industry.