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In this success story, learn how Mercedes-Benz became the world’s first automotive company to use’s patented MP5 Smart Video platform to create interactive vehicle videos at scale, to boost consumer engagement, stickiness and loyalty with their independent dealerships.

We sat down with the Mercedes-Benz /developers team, listened to their challenges and provided a revolutionary new video technology solution as a means to redefine how videos are made and interacted with.

Mercedes-Benz /developers was able to generate value by further offering this video service as a data product to its dealerships across Europe.

Company Profile

Mercedes-Benz /developers leave no stone unturned when it comes to innovation and cutting edge technologies. This is just as relevant when it comes to interacting and supporting their dealerships. 

Mercedes-Benz /developers provides a rich set of marketing data products that their dealers can license to help drive sales to the dealerships. They had attempted to adopt video technology previously but quickly learned that those solutions were expensive, cumbersome and difficult to scale.


Mercedes-Benz /developers wanted to help independent dealerships deliver a white-glove and personalized experience to enrich each customer’s experience. Blings enabled them to create customized videos treating each customer as a unique audience with real-time video.

The Solution

Blings’ next-generation video technology transforms videos into smart, dynamic, and interactive. The MP5 format connects video to real-time content, and includes fully embedded interactivity, all through a simple sdk integration. Blings enables Mercedes-Benz dealerships to communicate with their customers through professional video, in places where using text was the only option.

Mercedes-Benz /developers trusted Blings and here’s what was done:

Make customizable videos- using our patented technology, Mercedes-Benz /developers were able to deliver customizable vehicle videos to dealers. The resulting video was based on the exact specifications of the car they were interested in, thereby boosting conversions and sales.

Cut video rendering time to zero- Using the latest in edge computing, the video was rendered in just a few seconds, weighing no more than 500 KB. This allowed Mercedes-Benz /developers to create videos with no limits to the frequency or variations of the video. Every video is now created in real-time and on-demand with the most accurate data.

Breakthrough speed of marketing- Dealers’ were now enabled to speed up their stock car marketing by creating, editing, and testing parts of the video without asking the design team to make changes. This has empowered the marketing department to optimize all aspects of these campaigns.


After the initial success of the first round of videos, Mercedes-Benz /developers continued to expand their video offering for their independent dealership.

“In my over 20 years in the industry, Blings is the first game changing technology I can see elevating the entire marketing world as we know it. It supports Mercedes’ experience first philosophy.”