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MCT (Honda & Volvo) Increased Dealership Appointments by Over 400%

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The Mayer group (MCT) wanted to encourage car owners to bring their cars in for the yearly inspection to guarantee car safety and customer satisfaction. Their current method of communication with customers, SMS, was not yielding the results they were looking for. Results were less than satisfying as only 2% of the text recipients, in both Honda and Volvo brands, clicked the CTA button to schedule a yearly checkup. The company needed a solution and decided to utilize personalized videos to increase engagement rates.

As a mid-sized business focusing on their core competencies, MCT needed design support and resources to get the video scripted, wireframed, and designed. By working with the Blings design team, they were able to create a flexible and rich video that could be triggered automatically by their communication platform and be updated easily for additional campaigns and messaging. By investing once in the video creation process, they saw a very fast ROI by utilizing the same base video in different messaging scenarios.

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Use Case

The goal was to get as many viewers to click the CTA button in the video. In order to do so, the video needed to be engaging. Using dynamic sequencing and connecting to MCT’s user database, each car owner received a video with their name, car brand, and number of years since their last checkup in their personalized video. The interactive button embedded within the video encouraged the viewer to click and register for the yearly maintenance test. With the increase in clicks and responses, it was clear that personalization compelled many viewers to click on the CTA button.

MCT Personalized Video


  • This campaign outperformed the original SMS method by 250%.
  • Within the first month, 7% of car owners scheduled a maintenance meeting.
  • After optimizing the campaign through the unique backend platform with detailed analytics, the conversion rate spiked to 10.6%, increasing the total engagement rate by over 400%.
  • The total CTA engagement for 2021 generated a conversion rate of 28%.
  • The average view time on video was 2:40, showcasing viewers’ authentic interest.
  • 93% of viewers interacted with the video, volunteering personal data.

Future Plans

After seeing the dramatic results of this project, MCT decided to expand their business with Blings into more use cases. With the use of their technology, Blings was able to improve conversion rates in a sector of business that generally employs conventional marketing techniques.


By collaborating with Blings and employing personalized video, MCT has exceeded its initial goals. MCT has successfully motivated car owners to schedule a meeting with the nearest car dealership, increased brand awareness, and effortlessly collected user data.