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McDonalds uses MP5 videos to spike App use and significantly increase sales by 4.2x

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McDonalds, the leading international fast food chain, is constantly looking for ways to better its customer loyalty. This case study examines how Mcdonald’s used the Blings smart video solution to their loyalty customers to create a positive communication channel that spiked App usage and significantly increased online orders

The Setup

The McCoins Campaign

McDonalds was in search of a creative solution to address and engage the members of their loyalty program, McCoins, by nudging them to utilize the McCoins they had already accumulated.

Blings created a dynamic video that approached each user by name, dynamically offering specific products based on previous purchase orders and the amount of McCoins each user had in their wallet.


A video was then created that included a direct integration to the McDonalds McCoins customer database to pull the identification, status and activity data per member and pull it into the context of the video. In addition to the personalization within the video, also included was a call-to-action button enabling the customer to make the purchase directly within the video. 

Impact on Conversion

With video completion rates at 54% and CTA button clicks at 26%, the pilot was deemed as a staggering success and additional campaigns were immediately requested.

How McDonalds Used to Boost Daily Active Users By 350%


This initial campaign results were incredible and far surpassed their expectations:


App opens


Sales increase



By utilizing A/B testing and comparing the campaign results to existing benchmarks, McDonald’s understood that the campaign had driven 4x the number of users to the app, subsequently increasing the purchase rate by 320%.

Moving Forward

After seeing increased usage, engagement, and ROI, McDonalds immediately requested an additional 11 campaigns built to drive:

  • User retention
  • New product introduction
  • Promotions and sports events
  • Premium users and loyalty
  • Survey - feedback on delivery quality
  • Social engagement


With the help of Blings MP5 video, McDonald’s created a variety of targeted campaigns that significantly increased sales and customer engagement. The campaigns’ personalization and interactivity have effectively increased overall customer satisfaction. At the end of each video, a click-to-buy button directed customers to the app. This CTA was extremely effective in increasing app usage.

McDonald’s sent over 3.5 mil videos in 2021 and plans to continue utilizing Blings video in their future campaigns.