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McDonald’s Sees a 8.6x increase in new followers with Interactive Video Social Media Campaigns

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Instagram Template Brings in the Customers

With over a dozen successful campaigns under their belt, McDonald’s decided to push Blings technology to a new direction to promote an Instagram campaign they were launching. To encourage followers to visit their Instagram page and view the newest content, they created a template that would pull several of the last Instagram images that had been posted as well as the latest post. 

Because fresh content was posted with every new play of the video, and because of the great design of the video, the video had a very high play rate and gave the audience reason to play it over and over. The campaign drove a significant amount of traffic to the page, resulting in an 8.6x increase in new followers on the first send.

World Cup Quiz Scores Big with SMS Campaign

Pushing the envelope even further, McDonalds got creative with the World Cup theme and created an interactive World Cup quiz in video form and sent it via SMS to 620,000 users. The quiz featured a series of images and questions about the teams playing in that day’s tournament. 

Having built the trivia template once, McDonalds can now take advantage of the power of MP5 and reuse the template for an unlimited number of future campaigns by simply updating some of the images and the quiz questions. The power of Mp5 is that with a single template, the business teams can now create unlimited new videos using the Blings platform to update the content without needing to go back to the design teams to create new content. Being able to reuse this template and launch unlimited new campaigns makes the ROI on video creation a no-brainer.

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Expanding Reach and Engaging Followers with Personalized Video

Overall, the McDonald’s social media strategy, integrated with personalized and interactive video, has been very effective in engaging its audience and driving traffic to its platforms. By regularly posting new content and interacting with followers through quizzes and other campaigns, the company has been able to increase its online presence and reach a wider audience.