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Live Nation, a global leader in live entertainment, is renowned for connecting fans with unforgettable concert experiences. Live VIP, a division of Live Nation Entertainment, offers exclusive VIP services that transform ordinary event attendance into extraordinary, memorable experiences. From priority seating and exclusive lounge access to private entrances and artist meet-and-greets, Live VIP ensures a seamless, luxurious experience for every guest. Catering to those who seek more than just a ticket, they provide an immersive entertainment journey, making every event unique and unforgettable. In the world of live entertainment, Live VIP stands as a symbol of luxury, exclusivity, and unparalleled experiences.



The primary challenge for Live VIP was to elevate the VIP experience for fans attending the Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Pitbull Trilogy Tour. Live VIP aimed to create a more personalized, engaging, and memorable experience for a diverse audience, focusing on maintaining excitement for the upcoming show and ensuring the show itinerary was viewed by all fans. An additional challenge involved addressing the diverse linguistic needs of the fans and collecting data on language preferences for future email marketing campaigns. As Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Pitbull are bilingual artists, their fan base spans both English and Spanish-speaking audiences, necessitating tailored communication strategies.


In addressing the unique challenges, Live VIP partnered with to launch an engaging campaign, utilizing’s cutting-edge MP5 technology for an interactive video experience. This strategic initiative aimed to deliver a highly personalized and engaging pre-event journey for attendees.

The video began with an interactive language selection, allowing viewers to choose between English and Spanish, personalizing the experience and underscoring Live VIP’s commitment to inclusivity. It then unveiled the show’s itinerary in the preferred language, seamlessly integrating some of the artists’ viral songs, and setting the stage for the event.
The primary CTA, “Navigate,” invited viewers to explore the show in a unique and interactive manner. A key feature was the ‘Story Mode’ by, which allowed viewers to interactively navigate the content. The campaign offered three distinct video journeys, each tailored to different VIP tiers – Silver, Gold, and Diamond – providing a unique set of experiences and perks for each group.

Additionally, the campaign integrated social media sharing capabilities, encouraging fans to share their excitement and plans for attending the show. This not only amplified the pre-show buzz but also fostered a sense of community among the attendees. VIP ticket holders were given exclusive access to this digital content, offering them a unique opportunity to pre-live their concert experience and build anticipation for the actual event.


The Live Nation VIP and campaign succeeded remarkably. The email campaign’s unique open rate surged by 17.55%, while the overall open rate tripled compared to the number of emails sent, indicating viewers frequently revisited the 40-second video. This led to an impressive average watch time of 82 seconds, highlighting strong fan engagement.

The video engagement was exceptional at 82.39%, indicating that nearly every viewer interacted with a call-to-action, showing deep engagement with the content.  Furthermore, even though the social share was marked as a secondary CTA, there was a remarkable 16.6% share rate, highlighting its social virality and the audience’s eagerness to share their experiences. This demonstrates the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing and sustaining audience interest, thereby boosting event promotion and excitement.


Engagement Rate


Open Rate Increase


Share Rate

The campaign raised the bar for the industry. It provided key insights into audience language preferences and engagement, enabling Live VIP to enhance future communications and fan experiences by personalizing emails in the preferred languages of members.

The video share page

A unique share page was created for each VIP segment: Diamond, Gold, and Silver


By leveraging interactive video technology and multilingual support, the campaign not only enhanced the concert experience but also fostered a deeper connection between the artists and their diverse fanbase, setting a new standard for fan engagement. This success story paves the way for future innovations in live event marketing, emphasizing the power of personalization and digital interactivity in creating unforgettable experiences. The insights gained from this campaign are likely to influence future marketing strategies across the live entertainment industry, and will likely increase customer Life-Time-Value.

Evan Abrams
Director of Operations & Marketing @ Live VIP
“ brought life to our communications with fans. Not only is their platform incredibly easy to implement and use but the possibilities and applications for their MP5 videos are practically endless. Their team is smart, ambitious, and ready to tackle any project: big or small! They have been incredible partners, and looking forward to see what we come up with next!”