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How MP5 Helped BBB Engage Customers with a Ripple Campaign

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BBB is a well-known burger chain that has a large and loyal customer base. However, like many businesses in the food industry, they were facing customer fatigue and low engagement. To up their game and include the newest technologies, they reached out to Blings for help.


The biggest challenge for BBB was finding a way to engage their customers in a unique and interesting way. With so much competition in the food industry, it can be difficult to stand out and keep customers interested.


The Ripple Campaign: a collaboration between Blings and BBB, aimed to create an interactive gamification video for the holidays. The goal was to initiate a ripple effect, where recipients could forward the video to friends with a personalized note, encouraging them to join the program and visit the restaurant. This chain of forwarding could continue indefinitely, resulting in a widespread and far-reaching spread of the message. The dynamically generated video added a personal touch, making it engaging for recipients.


The results of this initial campaign were incredible and demonstrated the impact of a ripple campaign:


Engagement Increase


NPS Points


Re-Send Rate

The campaign was a huge success. Not only did a lot of people get to the end of the video, but what's most impressive is that 40% of the number of people who received the video, also sent it out to someone else.


The success of this campaign shows that personalization and interactivity are key to engaging customers. By creating a personalized video that the customer can then personalize and send to their friends, BBB was able to create a ripple effect that engaged more customers and increased their user base.

The success of this campaign demonstrates the power of using technology to create engaging campaigns and the importance of finding unique ways to stand out in a crowded market.