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From Scan to Win: Revolutionizing Conference Engagement with Smoove

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Smoove is a marketing automation platform that empowers businesses to strengthen relationships with customers and audiences through its four core solutions: email marketing, marketing automation, SMS marketing, and landing page solutions. By offering an array of tools to create smart and effective campaigns, Smoove streamlines marketing efforts for business growth.


Smoove sought to showcase its innovative solutions at a conference in a distinctive way that would engage attendees, and simultaneously, collect data for potential lead generation.


Smoove partnered with Blings to incorporate its interactive video technology into the conference experience. The following steps were executed:

  • Attendees scanned a barcode which directed them to an online form.
  • They input their name, company, role, and uploaded a selfie.
  • Upon submission a personalized video was automatically generated.
  • The video displayed their data and included an interactive game where they chose a card and won a prize.
  • Attendees then proceeded to the Smoove booth to collect their prizes.


Capitalizing on Bling’s interactive video technology, Smoove was able to achieve remarkable outcomes in various areas. Here are the key results:

  • Enhanced Attendee Engagement: The innovative approach significantly increased attendee engagement and foot traffic to the Smoove booth.
  • Effective Data Collection: Smoove efficiently gathered data from attendees for lead generation.
  • Positive Brand Perception: Attendees associated Smoove with innovation and customer-centric marketing solutions.


Through the collaboration with Bling’s interactive video technology, Smoove was able to provide a personalized and engaging experience for conference attendees. This not only aided in showcasing Smoove’s innovative marketing solutions but also enabled efficient data collection for lead generation. The success of this partnership exemplifies the power of integrating technology to enhance engagement, streamline data collection efficiently, and standing out in a setting where everyone is competing for attention.