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Enhancing Passenger Experience at 30,000 Feet – Singapore Airlines

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Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been setting standards in the aviation industry for decades, renowned for its quality services, luxurious experiences, and customer satisfaction. Despite its achievements, SIA is always on the lookout for innovative solutions to continually improve its offerings and stay ahead in the competitive aviation market.


With the growing demands of tech-savvy travelers and an evolving global environment, especially with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore Airlines needed a solution that would:

  • Provide real-time information and entertainment tailored to passengers’ preferences and flight details
  • Address health and safety concerns in accordance with constantly changing regulations
  • Optimize inflight shopping experiences
  • Minimize bandwidth constraints at high altitudes


Singapore Airlines collaborated with Bling to incorporate its groundbreaking MP5 video technology into its inflight services. They focused on creating three story-mode (Instagram UI) videos that passengers could passively watch or actively interact with:

Inflight Itinerary video: Tailored content according to the flight destination, including new game releases, videos, and TV shows.

Health and Safety video: An informative video with FAQs that adapted based on the destination’s COVID regulations.

Inflight Shopping video: A dynamic shopping experience with special promotions.

Key features of the MP5 Video Technology:

  • Lightweight: The video weighs only 60kb, making it ideal for playback at 10,000 feet without affecting bandwidth
  • Dynamic Content: The videos adapt in real-time based on variables like aircraft and destination
  • Interactive: Engages passengers by allowing them to interact with the content
  • Analytics Integration: Videos were connected to analytics and optimized in real time

Lessons Learned

The implementation of these initiatives brought forth valuable lessons that have influenced future strategies and improvements:

Enhanced Passenger Experience: By providing a more personalized and engaging experience, Singapore Airlines observed a significant positive impact on customer satisfaction scores. This emphasized the importance of tailoring services to individual preferences and preferences.

Increased Awareness: The successful implementation of the Health and Safety video demonstrated the importance of clear and effective communication to passengers. It reduced uncertainty and anxiety by ensuring that passengers were well-informed about relevant regulations and procedures.

Valuable Insights: Leveraging real-time analytics proved instrumental in optimizing content based on passenger interactions and preferences. This highlighted the significance of data-driven decision-making, enabling Singapore Airlines to continually refine and enhance the overall passenger experience.


These lessons have not only contributed to the success of the initiatives but also shaped Singapore Airlines’ ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional service and satisfaction to its passengers.


Singapore Airlines’ partnership with Bling’s MP5 video technology successfully elevated the inflight experience for passengers. Through lightweight, dynamic, and interactive video content, Singapore Airlines addressed passenger needs, optimized services, and solidified its position as a leader in innovation within the aviation industry.