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Dreamcard's Loyalty Goes Beyond Points

Dreamcard’s Loyalty Goes Beyond Points: A Success Story with Personalized Videos

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Dreamcard's Global Brands

Dreamcard is a leading retail loyalty program that includes global brands such as The Children’s Place, Billabong, American Eagle, Foot Locker, to name just a few. Dreamcard recently launched a campaign with Blings to incentivize their loyalty members to sign up for their new Dreamcard credit card which offers additional discounts. 

Elevating Loyalty with Personalization and Dynamic Videos

Utilizing the same assets created for the Dreamcard promotional advertising campaign, Dreamcard created a dynamic video template that would present different offers to audience segments. Using a single template, the video was able to display the correct offer to three different groups:

  • High-Value Customers - those that spent above a given upper threshold
  • Average Value Customers - those that spend between the upper and lower threshold
  • Basic Value Customers - those that spent below a given lower threshold
Dreamcard Points

In addition to using dynamic content, the video was also personalized by connecting to the Dreamcard CRM to pull name, loyalty point balance and more.  

By pulling the actual amount each customer spent in the past year, the Blings engine calculated and presented the amount each customer would have saved if they would have been using the Dreamcard credit card during that same period. 

Interactive buttons were added to allow customers to click directly to the offer. 

To ensure that the campaign would be as impactful as possible, they added a dynamic thumbnail to the email that would automatically pull the person’s name into the video image and has been proven to increase click-through rates. 

Proving the Power of Personalization

To effectively test the success of the campaign, Dreamcard launched an A/B test sending standard static emails for the control group, and personalized video for the second. 

The results of the campaign speak for themselves with a 13% increase in conversions to sales between the control and Blings emails!


Increase in conversions to sales

A taste of the Personalization magic

As a result of these incredible results, Dreamcard felt confident introducing Blings to their parent group Terminal X which represents brands including Reebok, Columbia, Urban Outfitters, alo, Armani Exchange and more.