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Clalit Mushlam Revolutionizing Patient Care with Technology

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Clalit Mushlam, a premier division of Clalit, Israel’s largest healthcare organization, offers comprehensive health coverage to over 4.5 million members. Renowned for its extensive healthcare services, Clalit Mushlam provides tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its members. The program stands out for its emphasis on preventive care, wellness, and advanced medical treatments, supported by a robust network of 1,400 clinics, over 9,000 healthcare professionals, and approximately 420 pharmacies. Clalit Mushlam’s commitment to integrating technology in healthcare has been pivotal in enhancing patient experiences and streamlining healthcare delivery across Israel.



Clalit Mushlam faced significant operational challenges impacting patient care and organizational efficiency. The organization grappled with high call center costs due to the lack of an interactive, accessible platform for patients to obtain appointment details and essential documents. Additionally, the existing reminder systems were ineffective, leading to frequent instances of patients forgetting necessary documents, resulting in a high rate of last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Another critical issue was patients arriving at clinics with incorrect documentation, causing rescheduling and inefficient use of valuable appointment slots. In addressing these challenges, Clalit Mushlam must also uphold the highest standards of data security to protect patient information and maintain trust in their services


Clalit Mushlam partnered with to address these challenges by implementing a series of interactive, automated, and dynamic videos. These personalized videos, tailored to each patient’s insurance package and service modules, included appointment details, necessary medical document reminders, location directions, and medical staff information. This strategy aimed to reduce call center dependency and provide patients with a more personalized and informative experience.’s technology ensured real-time, on-demand video creation, pulling the most recent data when a patient requested the video. This approach allowed Clalit Mushlam to make timely updates, conduct A/B testing, and optimize video elements for better performance. The flexibility of this video format also meant that the content remained relevant for longer periods without frequent redesigns.

A critical aspect of’s solution was its robust security measures. Given the unique MP5 video format is created on the end users device, ensures all communication remains between the Clalit member and Clalit, never exposing any user data to a third party. The partnership not only addressed the operational inefficiencies but also aligned with the high standards of data security required in the healthcare industry.


The collaboration between Clalit Mushlam and was remarkable, significantly enhancing patient engagement and operational efficiency. The initiative led to an impressive 86% patient approval rating, reflecting widespread satisfaction with the new system. Engagement rates increased tenfold, demonstrating the profound impact of the video reminders on patient interaction. Equally impressive was the sixfold increase in conversion rates, indicating a more effective and engaging communication strategy.

This heightened engagement was further evidenced by 89% of patients expressing a preference for video reminders for future appointments. The campaign was particularly successful among minority and non-native speaking members, with 100% favoring video over text reminders. Additionally, there was a notable 63% increase in SMS click-through rates, showcasing enhanced patient engagement with the reminders.

The video completion rate stood at an impressive 85%, suggesting that the majority of patients were thoroughly engaged with the content. Furthermore, the 58% increase in documentation click-through rates indicated better patient preparedness for their appointments.

These results collectively underscore the campaign’s success in not only boosting patient communication but also in significantly improving the efficiency of clinic operations.




Engagement Rate


Conversion Rate


Clalit Mushlam’s initiative with represents a groundbreaking shift in patient engagement and healthcare communication. By leveraging innovative video technology, Clalit Mushlam not only enhanced patient experience but also significantly improved operational efficiencies. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of digital solutions in transforming healthcare services, marking a new era in patient-centric care and communication within the healthcare industry.