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AutoLeadStar Sees 3.5X More Leads

by Using Blings Personalized and Interactive Videos

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AutoLeadStar (ALS) is a customer data and experience platform for auto dealerships all across the US. This is a $1.5 trillion industry with over 40,000 dealerships. ALS helps dealerships market and sell cars as they would in the real world – by knowing each car, assessing each customer, and making the perfect match – resulting in an average of 3.5 x more quality leads.

AutoLeadStar Customer Data Platform

Use Case

Dealerships using the ALS software have access to an impressive content library of marketing material that dealerships can customize and utilize as part of their marketing efforts. ALS decided to enrich their content offering with Blings’ personalized video because of the compelling conversion rates personalized video can offer the dealerships. By integrating Blings into the ALS platform, they positively differentiate themselves as a service provider with a unique offering of personalized videos. Additionally, because of ALS’s deep analytics ability , both ALS and Blings gauge their ongoing success from this collaboration.


A Personal Relationship

When an Auto Dealership uses the ALS platform, the prospective car buyer fills out their name, email, and car of interest on the dealership’s website. ALS then generates a video for the dealership to send to the customer. The personalized video includes all the details about the customer’s desired car including

  • Customer’s name
  • Car’s location
  • Model
  • Pictures of the vehicle
  • Price
  • Financing options
  • Contact information

Most remarkably, and for the first time available in video,  the customer can communicate with the dealer directly from within the video by including a form within the context of the video where the customer can communicate directly with the dealership. ALS’s ability to send these personalized and interactive videos at scale has given them a clear advantage over their competitors by improving the dealership customer experience.

ALS works with high-end car dealerships in the US that need to meet their consumer’s needs through high-quality service. Personalization and efficiency are the key to increasing conversion rates.


Auto dealerships, in general, have had a hard time staying up to date with technologies that can help them serve their customers better. As an industry that is generally underserved and hesitant to adopt new technologies, ALS had to make sure that any solution they provided would be easy to use and show immediate ROI.

By adding personalized video to their asset library, ALS’s dealerships are now seeing increases in their conversion rates, visibility, and loyalty. Some statistics to consider include:


CTR for landing page with text


CTR for landing page with video


Increased CTR by:

Future plans

After the success of using Blings to improve the conversion rate of their customer’s marketing efforts, ALS decided to create a Blings video for their own demand generation efforts as well.  The next video will be used by their internal sales teams to recruit new dealerships to the platform. Working with Blings has brought ALS fast ROI due to the fact that it can be used in so many different ways.


Personalized video gives a great one-two punch by helping us to retain our image as being ahead of the tech curve AND actually improving performance when combined with our highly tailored marketing technology,” said Idan Mishal, COO at AutoLeadStar. “By working with Blings we are able to deliver a high-quality product to our customers and see the magic work across all our customers.