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“As Featured In” – A Global McDonald’s Campaign with Blings

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McDonald’s, a global fast-food giant, is renowned for its innovative marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences worldwide. As part of its continuous efforts to engage with its vast customer base, McDonald’s sought to create a unique campaign that would intertwine the brand with classic film and TV nostalgia.



McDonald’s aimed to:

  • Strengthen its brand association with popular culture, particularly classic films and TV series.
  • Engage users in a fun and interactive manner, driving both online and offline traffic.
  • Encourage user-generated content and amplify its reach on social media platforms, especially Instagram.


McDonald’s partnered with Blings, leveraging its interactive video technology to create the “As Featured In” trivia game

– Users received an SMS on their phones, containing a link to the Blings interactive video.

Interaction: Upon clicking the link, users were presented with a trivia game that quizzed them on classic films and TV series that mentioned or featured McDonald’s in some capacity.

Engagement: Winners of the trivia game had the opportunity to share their victory photo on Instagram.

Incentive: By sharing their victory, users stood a chance to be spotlighted on the official McDonald’s Instagram page, giving them a moment of fame and recognition.



The trivia game achieved an 84% video completion rate, representing the engagement level. Additionally, 60% of participants shared their wins on Instagram, and there was an 11.03% rate of McDonald’s app downloads, emphasizing the campaign’s comprehensive success.


Engagement Increase


Shares on Instagram


App Downloads


McDonald’s innovatively merged brand identity with pop culture through interactive video technology, tapping into classic film and TV nostalgia. This strategy not only created a memorable social media experience but also enhanced the brand’s “stickiness,” encouraging repeat engagement. The notable metrics in engagement, shares, and app downloads underscore the campaign’s success in fostering customer loyalty and reinforcing McDonald’s digital and social presence.