The travel industry has undergone significant changes in the past decade, with the rise of digital marketing and the increasing importance of online presence. Travel companies need to find innovative ways to connect with their target audience, engage with them, and persuade them to book their services. One effective tool that travel companies can use to achieve these goals is video technology. In this article, we will explore how video technology can help travel companies boost engagement and bookings.

The Power of Video in the Travel Industry

Video has become an essential element of modern-day marketing, and its impact is particularly strong in the travel industry. According to a study by Google, 67% of travelers watch videos when they are thinking about taking a trip. Additionally, 68% of travelers watch travel-related videos on YouTube. Video has the power to transport viewers to a different place and make them feel like they are experiencing a destination before they even book their trip.

Visual Storytelling with Personalized Videos

One of the most significant benefits of video technology for travel companies is the ability to tell stories through visuals. Personalized videos can take viewers on a journey, giving them a taste of the destination, the culture, and the people. By creating personalized videos based on viewers' interests and past travel experiences, travel companies can tailor their message to resonate with the audience.

Video Testimonials and Reviews

Video testimonials and reviews are powerful tools to build trust and credibility with potential customers. When travelers see and hear from real people who have used the travel company's services and had a positive experience, they are more likely to book. Video testimonials and reviews are particularly effective when they feature people who are relatable to the target audience.

Virtual Tours and Experiences

Virtual tours and experiences are an innovative way to showcase a destination or a travel experience. Travel companies can use 360-degree video technology to give viewers a glimpse of what they can expect when they book their trip. By using virtual tours and experiences, travel companies can create a sense of excitement and anticipation in potential customers.

How Video Technology Can Improve Travel Company Marketing

Video technology can improve travel company marketing in several ways.

Personalized and Automated Video Ads

Personalized and automated video ads can be created based on viewers' interests and preferences, making them more relevant and engaging. By using data and analytics, travel companies can target the right audience with the right message at the right time. Automated video ads can also save time and resources while still delivering an effective message.

Video Email Marketing

Video email marketing can help travel companies stand out in a crowded inbox. Video emails can capture viewers' attention and make them more likely to click through to the website or booking page. Additionally, video emails can be personalized based on the viewer's interests and past behavior, making them more effective.

Social Media Video Marketing

Social media video marketing can help travel companies reach a wider audience and increase engagement. Short, snackable videos that highlight the best aspects of a destination or travel experience can be shared on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Social media video marketing can also be used to showcase user-generated content, which can build trust and credibility with potential customers.

How Video Technology Can Enhance Travel Company Customer Experience

Video technology can enhance travel company customer experience in several ways.

Personalized Welcome Videos and Itinerary Videos

Personalized welcome videos and itinerary videos can make travelers feel special and valued. By creating personalized videos that greet travelers by name and showcase the highlights of their itinerary, travel companies can create a sense of excitement and anticipation. Personalized videos can also be used to provide information about local customs, traditions, and recommendations for activities, restaurants, and attractions.

Instructional and Safety Videos

Instructional and safety videos can be used to educate travelers about the destination and the travel company's policies and procedures. By providing information about local customs, safety tips, and emergency procedures, travel companies can ensure that their customers have a safe and enjoyable experience. Instructional and safety videos can also be used to communicate changes in policies or procedures due to external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer Support and Feedback Videos

Customer support and feedback videos can help travel companies build trust and loyalty with their customers. By providing personalized video responses to customer inquiries, travel companies can show that they value their customers and are committed to providing excellent service. Feedback videos can also be used to gather customer feedback and insights that can be used to improve the travel company's services and offerings.

Guest Upsells and Cross-Sells

Video technology can also be used to increase revenue by offering guest upsells and cross-sells. By creating personalized videos that showcase additional services or amenities, such as spa treatments or room upgrades, travel companies can entice guests to spend more money and enhance their experience. Similarly, cross-selling opportunities can be presented through video content, such as promoting a nearby restaurant or attraction.

Retention Rates and Loyalty

In the competitive travel industry, building customer loyalty is crucial for long-term success. Video technology can play a role in increasing customer retention rates by creating engaging and personalized content that resonates with guests. By sharing videos that highlight the unique features of a destination, travel companies can create a sense of excitement and anticipation for future trips, increasing the likelihood that guests will return to book with the same travel company.

Pre- and Post-Stay Communications

Video technology can also be used to enhance pre- and post-stay communications with guests. Personalized videos can be sent to guests before their arrival to provide important information about their stay, such as check-in procedures, room amenities, and local recommendations. Similarly, post-stay videos can be used to thank guests for their visit and solicit feedback about their experience, helping to identify areas for improvement and strengthen customer loyalty.

Examples of Video Technology in Travel Marketing and Customer Experience

The use of video technology has become increasingly prevalent in the travel industry, offering new opportunities for travel companies to engage with their customers and enhance their experience. In this section, we will explore two examples of how travel companies are using video technology to improve their marketing and customer experience strategies.

Personalized Video Upsells and Cross-Sells for Travel Marketing: The Example of Selina

Selina, a global hospitality brand, has been using video technology to enhance their post-stay communications with guests. In one example, Selina sent a personalized video to a guest who had recently stayed at their property, showcasing recommended destinations and offering discounts based on the guest's past bookings. The video was created using data about the guest's preferences and behavior and was designed to create a sense of anticipation and excitement for their next trip with Selina.

Pre- and Post-Stay Personalized Email Marketing for Travel and Tourism: The Example of Leonardo Hotels

Leonardo Hotels, a European hotel chain, uses pre- and post-stay emails to welcome guests and provide personalized recommendations and offers based on past purchases. The pre-stay email includes information about the hotel and nearby attractions, as well as a personalized greeting and information about the guest's upcoming reservation. After the stay, guests receive a post-stay email that includes a personalized thank-you message, as well as recommendations for future bookings based on their past purchases. These personalized communications help to strengthen customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat bookings.


Video technology has the power to transform travel company marketing and enhance customer experience. By using personalized and engaging videos, travel companies can connect with their target audience, build trust and credibility, and increase bookings. Travel companies that embrace video technology and incorporate it into their marketing and customer experience strategies are likely to see significant benefits and remain competitive in the ever-changing travel industry.