Businesses often face the challenge of getting new customers and retaining the existing ones. But this could be made much easier if we understand the power that personalized video content has, and how we can use various types of videos to improve our marketing strategy. 

What is a personalized marketing video? 


Imagine a world where each of your customers, whether potential or existing, will be targeted to a special video made just for them. Well, now you don’t even need to imagine! Nowadays, this is one of the most effective ways to create engagement with your audience.

By making personalized content, you can address your customers by their names and create dynamic videos that will make them feel like it was made for them especially! This kind of marketing strategy can help you create and strengthen the connection with your audience and address them directly rather than them just stumbling around your content over the internet. 

The benefit of using a platform that allows you to make a personalized interactive video, like Blings, is it gives the option to make your videos unique and dynamic, and address your customers in various shapes of personalization in your videos, such as their areas of interest or a specific problem they have, that your business can solve.

All of that can improve the user experience each customer gets, and increase the amount of engagement that you get from your audience. 

And why is engagement so important? 

Great question! It’s important to stress the fact that the internet is an active arena with lots of distractions at any given time. So if you’ve managed to get your potential client to stop scrolling and pay attention to what you have to say- you are probably doing something right.

Engagement is all about those interactions you have with your audience, and this is what can help you build a personal connection with them, that eventually will lead you to a strong and loyal community. So if that is what we all desire, the smartest thing to be done is to make sure that the connection we build with each of our customers is valid and sustainable, and personalized video marketing is one of the best ways to do it.

You could identify who your client is and how you could provide him your service in the best way for both of you, so he will get personalized content that will be targeted on providing his needs, while you get your goal- a loyal and engaging customer. 

So how exactly can a personalized video strategy improve engagement?

It’s not a secret that in the past few years words have become less and less effective when trying to deliver a message. Even on social media we can see that posts that are not containing any visual aids will not get as much traffic as a video will get.  

The thing about dynamic videos is it speaks to each person individually and they will have to stop what they are doing to interact with the video, because of that exact feeling of “somebody is speaking with me right now”, and this is what makes them feel that said connection with you.

They will get, even Subconsciously without realizing it themselves, the feeling that you understand their issues and you could help them by providing your specific service, so by integrating a personalized video marketing strategy you could have some kind of a personal conversation with your customers without having to actually speak with every each and one of them, but still make them go through a captivating and consolidating experience with your brand, which is what exactly will lead to the magic result of engagement. 

In which ways can we use personalized videos?

That’s the real beauty of it- you can use it for any occasion or reason you would like!
Dynamic and interactive video marketing could help you get various goals that are an outcome of your new engagement strategy, such as gaining new clients, sales drive, and enhancing your community, so you can use personalized video to each of your goals. For example:

  • Introduction videos. Those will introduce you to the potential clients that still have not made an acquaintance with you. This will explain who you are and why your service is the best fit for them specifically.
  • Explainer videos. In which you could show any innovations that you may have in your business and help your audience to learn about your products even more, in an interactive and engaging way. 
  • ‘Thank you’ videos. A special way to interact with your paying customers by thanking them for their loyalty and trust, will increase the emotional connection to a whole new level, making them feel appreciated and valued. 

How to choose the platform that will help me make interactive videos? 

In the current marketing climate, there are a lot of platforms that discovered the value behind using personalized videos and are offering various ideas and packages for your business. It is important to conduct research before choosing the platform so you could enjoy the benefits of personalized interactive videos that are the most suitable for you.

In Blings we offer a platform that gives you the ability to modify your content, design, and campaign data, with real time personal control, with an option to run A/B testing and get detailed analytics will ensure that your campaign meets all your goals.

We have unique technology that allows you to implement various interactive tools and options directly into your videos, that will give you a better and deeper understanding of what your customers really need and how you could help them with that while ensuring longer viewing times and motivating your audience to further interact with your product through call-to-action buttons. All of that without extra cost for scale, frequency or distribution! So you could have unlimited opportunities for you to show your customers their videos anytime. 

If it sounds great to you (well, because it is!), you can call Blings to hear more about what we can offer to make your video marketing strategy the best it can be!